Why Girls Who Aren’t Looking For Love Are So Much More Attractive To Guys

When you’re single and loving it, you automatically become more attractive to guys. It can’t be chalked up to an exact science, but in a sea of women impatiently waiting for marriage and kids, a woman who’s independent and enjoys being on her own can be quite the hot commodity. Here’s why:

They won’t feel pressured.

 When you’re not looking for love or a relationship, it takes the pressure off the guy to fit the boyfriend mold. This makes you more attractive because he’s not worried about you getting too ahead of yourself when it comes to your feelings for him and he can just see where it goes.

Independence is hot.

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who can do crap for herself and doesn’t need a guy (which is really how it should be anyway). He can be confident that you want him but that you can still look after yourself, and that will make him even more interested in you.

It’s a challenge.

If he actually wants a girlfriend, it creates quite a challenge for him to change the forever single girl into his other half — and let’s face it, guys like challenges.

You know who you are and guys love that.

You’re completely happy by all yourself, and that really shows when you’re not looking for love and enjoying the single life. When you give off that vibe, it’ll make you that much more appealing because a guy knows he doesn’t have to complete you — you’re complete all on your own.

They’re less scared of commitment with you.

 When most guys are interested in a girl, the two words that will scare them off immediately are marriage and kids. If you’re as far away from those thoughts as he is, he can relax with you. That doesn’t mean he might not eventually want the same thing, but again, there’s no pressure.

They know you have standards.

When a guy sees that you’re not just settling down with any random dude that will have you for the sake of not being on your own, he automatically assumes that you have a good set of standards when it comes to relationships. This shows that you’re a catch.

Confidence is sexy.

When you’re enjoying being single and aren’t looking for love, there’s a good chance that you have a healthy level of confidence that guys will pick up on. When you exude that sense of confidence of being happy with yourself outside of a relationship, the guy you’re seeing knows he won’t have to nurse your self-esteem.

If they’re not looking for serious, they know you’ll be cool with that

. A guy that isn’t interested in any sort of commitment will be more attracted to you because he’s enjoying his life as a bachelor. He knows that that you won’t be worried about where the relationship is going after the first date.

You take better care of yourself.

It’s a tad shallow, but when you’re single and loving it, you tend to take better care of yourself. You make sure your outer appearance matches all the awesomeness that’s inside — and that’s hot.

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