11 Reasons Why Men Stay In Relationships With Women They Don’t Love

It’s a common misconception that men will only settle down when they’ve found the one woman that makes them incredibly happy. They’re looking for their other half just as much as the next person, but sometimes, they settle for someone they don’t necessarily see as their “forever person.” So, why do men stay in relationships with women they don’t even like?

  1. Love clouds things. You can love someone and not like them or vice versa. I’m sure as you read that, a specific person popped into your head so you know it’s true. When a man likes a woman but doesn’t love her as a partner, he’ll stay because it makes leaving that much more difficult.
  2. They get comfortable. It’s easy to get into a routine with someone and once that happens, it’s hard to break out of it. Just like people get comfortable at jobs they don’t like, the same sentiment can happen in relationships. When he gets into a rhythm of life with a woman, it’s far easier to keep up with the motions than shake things up with a breakup.
  3. Laziness is a real factor. That’s right, the same men that are too lazy to put any effort into the relationship are likely the same ones that are too apathetic to leave it. It all comes down to doing more than the absolute bare minimum of anything. Some people just aren’t built to get things done.
  4. The perks outweigh the negatives. Maybe their partner is a culinary genius, does their laundry, and is great in the sack. Whatever the case may be, if they see their situation as mostly positive, some men will stay for the sake of the pros. All relationships require work and not everything is all roses and rainbows but something that should never happen in a relationship is apathy or even dislike.
  5. Two incomes are better than one. It’s often assumed that women are more likely to stay with a man for the sake of financial security, but it’s 2020 and both sexes are achieving professionally. That means that both partners can be reliant on the other’s income. It’s hard out there on one salary.
  6. Their spouse is incredibly attractive. If a guy thinks he will never get a woman as hot as the one he’s with and he’s as shallow as a bathtub, he may not care that much. Eventually, though, he’ll learn to hate the woman he’s with even if he doesn’t want to stop having sex with her.
  7. Pressure from family happens. Parents can sometimes be harsh. They want what’s best for their grown-up children and sometimes they think that means family life. If a guy has a woman that he knows will give him that picture-perfect home life, he may just jump in with two feet to appease those around him.
  8. Fear of the unknown is real. The future is a scary place for both men and women. When a person has an idea of where they’re going to end up and who’s going to be with them when they get there, it can be hard to give that up even if that person isn’t exactly what they want.
  9. He’s worried she’ll find someone better. Some men want to stay in relationships with women they don’t like simply because they don’t want anyone else to have them. It’s petty and cruel but it’s a fact as true as any other.
  10. Something is better than nothing. Loneliness can be a killer and everyone wants to be loved. In the instance of relationships, being with the wrong person can sometimes feel better than being with no one at all.
  11. They don’t have a new prospect yet. People, in general, like to have a new thing set up before they get out of a relationship. Not everyone is like that—but there are a lot of people who don’t want to jump ship into empty waters. Certain men will stay in an unhappy relationship for the simple fact that no one else has come along and sparked their fancy.
Angelica Bottaro has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trent University and an Advanced Diploma in Journalism from Centennial College. She began her career as a freelance writer in 2014, racking up bylines in The Good Men Project, MakeWell, LymeTime, YouQueen, and more. She eventually shifted her focus and began writing about mental health, nutrition, and chronic disease for VeryWell Health.

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