Why Taking Time Between Relationships Is Crucial

Getting out of a relationship is never easy, no matter how long it lasted. Whether it was a mutual breakup or a nasty one, there will likely be complex emotions left behind, and you need time to sort out what your next steps will be. If you’re newly single, here are some reasons you should stay that way, at least for a little while:

  1. You need time to heal. When you’re just ending a relationship, the last thing you want to do is confuse your already shaky emotions with a new romance. Allowing yourself the time to clear your head and grieve the loss will provide you with the closure you need to actually move on. This is the time to totally pamper yourself and indulge in the things that you love the most.
  2. You can enjoy being single. After a breakup, everyone should have the opportunity to explore being single and having the freedom that comes along with it. Not only that, but you’ll have more time to hit the town with your friends, process your breakup, and let loose for a while.
  3. You’ll rediscover who you are. There’s never a better time to set some good goals for yourself. Take a look at where you’d like to see yourself in a year, and how you plan to get there. Change is never easy, but it always provides a great opportunity to learn about yourself and step outside of your comfort zone.
  4. You don’t want to be the girl that needs a man. We’ve all known at least one girl who’s never been single. She ends one relationship only to jump into another one faster than the rest of us drink wine on girls’ night. Know your worth as an individual, and understand that you’ll only be complete when you’re comfortable loving yourself first.
  5. Rebounds don’t work. Jumping from relationship to relationship is usually a disaster waiting to happen. Unresolved feelings and past relationship issues start to creep in, which will most definitely cause the new spark to fizzle.
  6. You know what you want and shouldn’t settle for less. Right now, you don’t have to compromise — yay! Maybe you want to focus on work and get that promotion, or save for the adorable condo you’ve been considering. Whatever it is, you have the chance to be 100% selfish, focused, and move on up in the world like the badass woman you are.
  7. You can work on what didn’t work before. Take a good look back at your relationship and the role you may have played in why it didn’t work. Of course you aren’t solely to blame, but working on something you know you could do better next time will only benefit you in the long run.
  8. Alone time is positive. Learning to love yourself and be by yourself can be the most important part of the post break up healing process. When you enjoy your own company, it prevents you from settling for less than you deserve just so you can avoid being alone.
  9. You don’t want to repeat past mistakes. Once you’re ready to start tackling the dating world again, take the chance to do it slowly. Going on several dates will help you narrow down what you really want in both a guy and in the relationship. Make sure you are totally ready, and don’t jump head first too quickly!