Why Women Who Call You On Your Crap Make The Best Girlfriends

Human beings are full of flaws, mistakes, and excuses for continuing to perpetuate them. What happens, then, when you’re dating someone who doesn’t put up with BS? It’s intimidating, sure, but it’s also fantastic! It can seem uncomfortable to be called out on all the things you try to hide, but you want someone who doesn’t fall for your nonsense, don’t you? Here’s why women who call you out on your crap make the best girlfriends.

  1. They have their acts together. A woman who isn’t afraid to call you out on your crap is someone who knows how to handle herself. She doesn’t take that crap from anyone, she’s independent, she’s self-sufficient, and she stands up for herself without the need for protection. Sure, this woman may ask for your help now and then, but you can feel confident in her ability to be just fine without your input too. It’s the mark of a mature and capable partner, and who doesn’t want that?
  2. They’ll ensure you learn from your mistakes. You’ll make your fair share of mistakes in your life. Dating a woman who will call you out on those mistakes ensures that you’re aware of your behavior and that you know you can’t get away with not fixing it. Little mistakes build up over time, and the last thing you likely want is for small errors to wind up becoming a big part of your personality. Women who call you out on those errors will motivate you to admit your faults, correct your wrongs, learn from your mistakes, and grow as a person.
  3. They’ll never keep you guessing. No one wants to be stuck in a relationship with a partner who plays mind games. A woman who won’t hesitate to call you out won’t use passive-aggression, hints, or the silent treatment to get her message across. Instead, she’ll make sure you hear, directly and honestly, exactly what the issue is. It can be somewhat overwhelming at first to hear someone who’s so candid about their issues and feelings. But at the same time, it’s a refreshing change and a sign of healthy communication.
  4. They’ll notice and help you overcome your worst habits. It’s easy to be blind to your own bad habits and it’s even easier to excuse them because they’re “fun” or easy to continue. A woman who’ll call you out on your crap will also call you out on those negative patterns before it becomes too difficult for you to work on them. A woman who can objectively spot and verbalize your negative attributes, even though she loves you, is one who genuinely wants to see you grow. She’s not going to sugarcoat your negativity. You’ll hear it for what it is!
  5. They’ll make you go after what you want. Lots of people miss out on opportunities because they’re afraid, worried about the risk, or simply not willing to put in the effort needed. If a woman who calls you out also knows what you want, she won’t let you sit idly on your behind as your chances pass you by! Of course, your girlfriend isn’t responsible for your personal success, but you can’t deny that having a partner who’ll push you to be the best you can be is amazing.
  6. They show you that they truly know you. Women who call you out aren’t going to be easily fooled by your facade. The more they learn about you, the less your feeble excuses and carefully-made masks will block their vision. This doesn’t just mean that they can see and call you out on your true intentions, though they certainly can and will. It also means that they’ll know when you’re not being honest about your feelings or when you’re hiding pain from them and the world. There’s nothing quite as intimate as a partner who knows you so well that they’ll be there for you even when no one else realizes you need that.
  7. They’re true to who they are. Women who call you out are women who are genuine. They didn’t get to this point of opinionated honesty without being true to themselves. A woman like this knows exactly what she wants and isn’t going to settle for anything less than that. She has no interest in conforming to society and makes no apologies when others disapprove. She doesn’t care what others think, and that’s an empowering thing to see in a partner.
  8. They encourage you to face your scariest emotions. There are parts of your deepest thoughts and emotions that are frightening. There are things you’ll struggle to address. A woman who calls you out will notice these issues and she’ll motivate you to confront those inner demons. Once again, this isn’t to say your partner should fix your problems for you. Instead, it’s an empathic statement about how wonderful it is to feel supported and understood by someone who can see everything about you and loves you anyway!
  9. They know their worth and respect their standards. Women who call you out are women who know their worth. They have respect for their standards and don’t accept any poor treatment, especially from those they care about. Instead of dismissing your negative behavior, she’ll make sure you treat her better, and you’ll realize how much space you have to grow.
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