Woman Left Naked And Confused At The Beach After Boyfriend Gives Her Dissolving Bikini

A woman was left naked at the beach after her boyfriend switched out her regular swimsuit for a dissolving bikini. Julius Dein is a magician, meaning he’s no stranger to making things disappear I guess, but his girlfriend Estelle was on the receiving end of this “trick” and I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s all that funny! To Estelle’s credit, she was a pretty good sport about it.

  1. Estelle was super proud of her new bikini. In a video posted on Julius’ Facebook page, Estelle can be seen strutting her stuff in her new yellow bikini that she bought online. As she waded into the water, you could just feel the tension brewing from Julius. The big reveal (so to speak) was nigh.
  2. It took her a while to get all the way under the water. As we all know, the ocean/sea is cold as hell, so it’s hard to just go wading in, even on a hot summer’s day. As Estelle was gingerly working her way in, Julius can be heard saying, “According to the instruction manual, it should take 15-30 seconds for the chemicals to kick in to make the bikini dissolveā€¦ This is so bad but so good.”
  3. Soon enough, Estelle realized something was amiss. She started freaking out, looking around under the water thinking perhaps she’d simply lost her bikini rather than it dissolving into nothing at all. When Julius pretended to be concerned about her and asked what was wrong, Estelle replied that she was bikini-less. She even suggested that it might have been stolen… right off her body?
  4. Julius left her in her birthday suit for a while. He just sorta let Estelle flounder around helplessly for a while before finally offering her a towel so she could get out of the water. At the end of the video, Estelle is still blissfully unaware that it was her boyfriend’s fault that she had a dissolving bikini that left her naked and exposed on a public beach, but something tells me that since the video has gone viral, she’s well aware of the truth now.
  5. Of course, there’s another explanation as well… Many who commented on the video mentioned that you can still see the bikini bottoms on Estelle when she has the towel wrapped around her, thereby kind of insinuating that Estelle may have been in on the trick in an attempt to get attention online. I mean, it worked, but it is a bit cheap, don’t you think?
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