Woman Claims She’s ‘Possessed’ By Michael Jackson And He’s Now Her Husband

Woman Claims She’s ‘Possessed’ By Michael Jackson And He’s Now Her Husband Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department

A West Virginia woman has claimed that she’s “possessed” by Michael Jackson and that the pair are now married. Kathleen Roberts, who considers herself a psychic medium, revealed that she and the late King of Pop have been “bonding” and that their connection got so strong, they decided to unite in holy matrimony too… well, sort of.

  1. Yes, this is very serious. In a blog post, Kathleen revealed that Michael never leaves her body and instead “stays possessed in me (relaxing not channeling and just enjoying living through me and communicating with me as a husband).”
  2. What kind of stuff do they do “together”? According to Kathleen, MJ has opened her eyes to a whole host of new personality traits since he possessed her. “He likes to eat in me. He loves cookies. He cusses a lot more than I’d expect him to as a former fan,” she revealed. She also said that Michael loves seeing Kathleen sing and dance.
  3. Their engagement and marriage sound pretty romantic. As per the New York Post, Kathleen revealed in a series of now-deleted TikTok clips that Michael proposed to her with a pink engagement ring. Not only that, but they managed to get the one and only Martin Luther King Jr. to officiate their wedding.
  4. That being said, there’s nothing sexual between them. Sex is a normal, healthy part of every marriage, but according to Kathleen, Michael has no interest in going there. In fact, when she tries to initiate sex, he scares her with “spider visions and dead corpse visions.” Sure, sounds legit.
  5. Kathleen still feels special to have been chosen by a musical legend. “I feel special that he chose me for a wife (though not on paper) we treat our relationship as though we are married. we have our ups and downs but Michael, the truth is, I just can’t stop loving you,” she added.
  6. She knows that many people think she’s nuts. Before telling her story, Kathleen noted that “there are some people who choose to label me as schizophrenic due to the similarities of my experiences and the symptoms of mental illness.” She doesn’t deny such a diagnosis but at least she’s aware of it.

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