Woman Says She’ll Only Have Sex With Fiance Once A Year On December 25 And Considers It His Christmas Gift

A British woman has revealed that she only has sex with her fiance once a year on Christmas Day and considers it his gift for the year. Jen Stephens, 23 and from Prestwich, Manchester, refuses 24-year-old Rob Walker any access to her nether regions for the entire year save for December 25 and insists he loves and appreciates her more because of the ban.

  1. It works for them, at least from Jen’s perspective. While many might think that a relationship without sex couldn’t work or that her fiance must be pretty bitter and sexually frustrated, Jen insists in an interview with The Sun‘s Fabulous that it’s actually a solid arrangement. “I know it sounds crazy but this works for us,” she said. “The fact we set aside Christmas for sex has actually made us stronger as a couple, we want each other even more now. We’re happy to just kiss and cuddle for the rest of the year.”
  2. Apparently the sex is even better because of it. You would think that perhaps the spark would fade given that they do it so little. After all, there’s something to be said for building the tension, but denying it for nearly 12 months? That seems intense. However, Jen says it’s great! “Just because we’re not bonkers for bonking doesn’t make us crazy. The sex itself makes the anticipation and build up worth it. It’s the best day of the year – why not make it even better?” Jen insisted. “I don’t expect people to understand our rules. We’re doing things our way and don’t care what other people think. Our relationship is stronger for our once-a-year sex vow and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”
  3. Christmas Day actually holds special significance for the couple. Not only is it Christmas Day, but the date holds meaning for them as a couple as well. “December 25 has special significance for us so we decided to make it super special,” Jen revealed. “I met Rob in 2017 on Christmas Day, at a party friends of mine held. He was studying business and IT at University of Manchester and stayed in the city over the holidays.” They started dating soon after but took things extremely slowly since they’d both been in bad relationships before. They even did long-distance for a year when Rob went to LA, so they were used to going a long while between having sex.
  4. This wasn’t something they meant to do, it just kind of happened. It’s not as if Jen set up hard rules about intimacy with Rob, but after it happened naturally the first year, she suggested they keep with it. “Sex for us was never a priority. It was all about cuddles and closeness,” she explained. “I told Rob we should have a sex ban until the next Christmas because it had worked so well the year before. He honestly wasn’t shocked when I suggested it. We were already engaged so he knew I was committed, and we thought it would make Christmas extra special.” Hey, whatever works!
  5. They actually managed to conceive their first child via this arrangement. Jen got pregnant with their daughter Arabella on Christmas Day 2019 when they had sex, so that’s fun!
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