Woman Sparks Debate After Turning Down Ice Cream Date For Being The ‘Bare Minimum’

A woman on Tinder has sparked a serious debate after a man who asked her out on an ice cream date posted about her refusal on Reddit. A guy called Vance decided it would be a cool (no pun intended) idea to invite a woman he’d met on the dating app out for ice cream on a warm day. It was unconventional, low-pressure, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the woman in question didn’t really see it that way.

“I guess ice cream dates are considered a terrible idea nowadays,” he captioned his post, which included screenshots of their text conversation. The messages start off showing both he and the woman in question were excited about meeting up in person.

“Hope you’ve had a good day, I’m excited for tomorrow. I can pick you up but if you’re not comfortable with that we can just meet there,” he messaged her. “Idk why but l’m feeling like getting some ice cream in this hot weather lol.”

Instead of being game, the woman seemed offended at the very suggestion of doing something as chill as grabbing a waffle cone.

I guess ice cream dates are considered a terrible idea nowadays
by u/Zhinii1 in Tinder

“Sorry if this may come off as rude but I don’t do ice cream dates,” she responded to him. “I’m a 26 yo woman and a date like that seems like the absolute bare minimum for me. Meeting up would be a waste of both of our times since we probably don’t have the same vibe. Best wishes.”

WTF? To make matters worse, Vance said the woman soon blocked him via text and Tinder, so she never even saw his (impressively relaxed) response of, “Cool.”

The response on Reddit to Vance’s experience was somewhat mixed. Many people thought the woman was far too uptight and high-maintenance and that he’d dodged a bullet.

“Someone who can’t enjoy the little things in life. That’s sad,” one person wrote. Another wrote, “If you get a date suggestion that you don’t like, the most reasonable response imo is to decline and counter it with a date suggestion of your own.”

However, others pointed out that the woman was well within her rights to refuse a date with Vance, with one person saying, “You’re allowed to not go on a date if you think it’s low effort.

Another wrote, “I mean, this is her boundary. She was upfront and direct about it. Didn’t waste your time. No red flags here. You might not like it, but she is well within her right to choose potential partner by amount of effort they put into date.”

What do you think?

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