Christmas Lights For Beards Exist For The Rugged Man In Your Life

Christmas is coming, and if you’re like me and love getting in the holiday spirit, you’ll likely want to force your partner/dad/brother/male co-workers to as well. If they’re not short on facial hair, why not consider getting them these Christmas beard lights?

  1. They’re called Beardaments. Get it? Like Christmas ornaments that you’d put on your tree, but these are specifically for dudes’ beards. Clever.
  2. The set comes with a combination of lights and ornaments. You get three red lights, three green lights, and then various colored ornaments to create a full-on decorative look right there on your facial hair. It’s only a shame it doesn’t come with a little tinsel too.
  3. They clip on easily. Each light and ornament comes with a tiny clip that goes straight onto the hair without pulling or tugging. This also makes for easy removal when the party’s over and it’s time to take them off (I mean, if you HAVE to take them off…)
  4. The batteries are replaceable, giving these a much longer shelf life. Nothing’s worse than getting cheap crap that’s no longer useful when the battery runs out. Thankfully, if the lithium-ion battery inside one of your lights goes, you just pop them open and replace and you’re back in action.
  5. Ladies can get in on the fun too. While these are specified as being “beardaments,” there’s nothing to say that ladies can’t enjoy them too by wearing them in our hair. Of course, if you have long hair, you might actually end up needing two sets, depending on how blinged-out you want to be.
  6. Bottom line? You need these. These are one of the most creative and unconventional but super fun Christmas decorations/gifts/accessories out there and I’m only sad that I didn’t know about them sooner. Thankfully, there’s plenty of time to get a couple of them ordered before Santa comes!

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