If You’re Ignoring These 8 Behaviors, You’re Probably Dating An Asshole

If You’re Ignoring These 8 Behaviors, You’re Probably Dating An Asshole ©iStock/mediaphotos

They say love is blind, but if your boyfriend is guilty of more than one of these offenses, it may be time for Lasik. By ignoring his BS behavior, you’re basically saying you’re OK with dating a loser.

  1. He disguises criticism as jokes. If he’s constantly making critical comments about your looks, personality, or intelligence but brushes it off with a quick, “Just kidding,” get out of there. Playful teasing can be fun, but if he doesn’t respect you enough to respect your feelings, then I’m not kidding when I say this guy is a loser.
  2. He never texts you first. Unless you’re dating a guy who works 60 hours a week and perhaps lives in a cave, he can take a minute or two out of his day to text or call you. This doesn’t mean you should expect or demand attention from him constantly, but if he’s making zero effort to reach out to you, he might just be a loser. If he has time to take a trip to the BS’er, he has time to text you.
  3. He never invites you along on nights out. Having the occasional boys’ night out or one-on-one with his friends is normal, but if getting an invite from this guy is equivalent to winning the lottery, then he probably doesn’t want you there. The person you’re dating should make you feel wanted and welcome in their life. Unless, of course, he’s a loser.
  4. He’s pushy in bed. He gets a little too pushy when you’re not in the mood, and has trouble giving up. This is the guy who promises to pull out if you don’t make him wear a condom, or the guy who claims in a very unconvincing manor that he’s been tested. (He hasn’t been.) Needless to say, this guy gets an L is for Loser.
  5. He checks out other girls in front of you. Some girls are cool with this, and some aren’t. Bottom line: Generations of men have figured out how to resist checking out other women in front of their girlfriends. Find one of those men. Find a guy who is focused on you, and not on the whole sea of options. If your man can’t appreciate what’s right in front of him, he might be a loser.
  6. He constantly accuses you of overreacting. “So what if Tiffany wants to sleep over? She’s just a friend. You’re overreacting.” Perhaps his sleepover (or whatever the issue may be) is completely innocent. That still doesn’t give him the right to disregard your feelings. This is a sign that he’s neither capable nor willing to have good communication with you. If he’s constantly telling you how you should feel in certain situations, he’s probably a loser.
  7. He’s secretive AF. It’s pretty frustrating when all you want to do is get to know someone better but they treat you like a stranger. It takes some people longer than others to warm up and feel comfortable enough to be transparent, but if he hides even the smallest details about his life from you, it’s typically not a good sign. A good rule of thumb is if he’s being secretive, he probably has something to hide. If he’s keeping you in the dark, he’s being a loser.
  8. He’s sleazy on social media. He likes pictures of half naked girls and maybe even comments a winky face once in a while. This guy is saving up for a rainy day. He is not planning on staying with you forever. Unfriend that loser.