10 Signs The Universe Doesn’t Want You To Give Up On Love

It’s normal (and healthy) to take a break from love every now and then, but there’s no reason to throw in the towel for good. Love happens eventually for everyone who wants it, even after it feels like there’s no hope left. Don’t believe it? Here are 10 signs the universe is telling you to keep the faith:

You stumble upon a killer first date dress and it’s on sale.

Hello, fate! When you stumble upon a cocktail dress you absolutely slay and it’s marked down, it’s absolutely a sign from the universe that you need to give this whole dating thing another try. You deserve a little treat for your closet anyway, right?

You meet someone by chance and there’s a spark.

Sometimes those little fireworks catch you off guard, and it’s amazing. They may not be the one, but it proves that you still have the capacity to be excited by meeting someone new.

Your favorite throwback love song randomly comes on the radio.

You’re suddenly thrown back to a simpler time when you believed in love unquestionably and possibilities were endless. When you’re reminded of those times, it makes you want to be slightly less cynical about love.

You see a happy couple in public and catch a bit of their joy.

It’s easy to get bitter and want to throw your latte on every couple guilty of too much PDA, but other times you can’t help but catch a little bit of a happy couple’s joy. If someone else’s love can brighten up your day, just imagine what your own love can do for you.

You attend a wedding and are genuinely moved by its beauty.

You were all set to be the single person at a wedding, pounding too many whiskeys and dancing exclusively with the flower girl. But then the impossible happened — you were genuinely moved by the beauty of a wedding. Turns out, your heart isn’t completely stone cold after all.

You have a first kiss, and it’s amazing.

Making out is generally pretty fun, but rarely mind-blowing. When a kiss completely sweeps you off your feet, you’re reminded why the struggle to find love is always worth it in the end.

You run into an ex, and realize how much you’ve learned and grown.

You barely resemble the girl you were when the two of you were together. You see how much you have grown, and realize that you might be ready for a real, grown up relationship now.

You look in the mirror and love who you see.

You no longer yearn to be the young, naïve girl you used to be, and you love the strong woman you are today. You see not only how very lovable you are, but also how much love you have to give. You’re your own toughest critic- so if you love yourself, you know you’re capable of loving someone else as well.

You go out with the girls and accidentally meet someone interesting.

You’ve grown so accustomed to telling strangers to GTFO when they approach you that you’re completely caught off guard when someone actually catches your interest. You had no intention of meeting someone, but here they are. Maybe fate put you two together to remind you that all hope for love isn’t lost.

You discover you’re allergic to cats.

Your back up plan of being a crazy cat lady is now off the table. The universe is pushing you to go out and make some more human connections- so now is probably not the time to give up on an entire gender.

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