8 Guys Break Down What Men Really Want In Bed

You might think guys only care about getting off and that the particulars don’t matter, but sex isn’t one size fits all for men, either. If you’ve ever wondered what really does it for a guy in the bedroom, here are just a few examples from 8 guys I talked to:

AJ, 26.

 I like when a woman is assertive and verbally expresses what she wants… as long as she doesn’t go all BDSM on me with paddles and chains and stuff like that, because that’s terrifying and extremely weird to me. And when she’s making noise in the bedroom, dirty talk, moaning, that sort of thing, it can really get me going.

Jay, 30.

It doesn’t matter what it is — pretty much everything in the bedroom works for me. If she’s hot, cute or sexy, I’m into basically anything she wants me to be into, except for pain. If she’s into pain with sex, I won’t be getting off. Also, ladies need to stop spending so much money on lingerie, because if it gets in the way, it’s getting ripped off. Just get naked — it’s way easier.

Scott, 26.

My choice of woman varies, but usually I like girls who are younger and shorter. I can play both sides, so the girl I’m with has to be both dominant and submissive at the right times and she must have an open mind when it comes to fetishes and kinky sex. If she initiates, all the better.

Dillon, 22.

She has to be adventurous with positions and also what she’s willing to do. If she’s a one trick pony, I’ll definitely lose interest. I want to get in there and really have sex, so if she’s not ready for it to get kinky and rough — and I mean sex-bruises-I-can-wear-as-badges-of-honor rough — our sexual relationship isn’t going to last long.

Greg, 35.

I’m an ass man, so what I like is pretty simple. I prefer any position that allows me to take her from the back over anything else because not only do I get a good view, I can also pull her hair a bit, which is hot as hell.

Will, 23.

For me, the girl has to be vocally into it. No body wants to have sex in silence. And if she takes the initiative, that’s even better. I like it when a girl sort of presents her vagina to me, in a display sort of way, so I know she’s ready for action.

Ali, 28.

I’m pretty into blow jobs, but who isn’t? Foreplay is important as long as it doesn’t last too long because I don’t have too much patience for it, especially if I’ve had a few drinks. And the girl has to give a f*ck about having sex. If she’s stiff and lifeless, it’s a waste of a lay.

Brandon, 25.

I’m more for basic in the bedroom. The only things I really ask for is for the girl to be vocal about what she likes and doesn’t like and for her to also initiate the sex. It seems like guys have to initiate more often than not and when she does, it’s just that much better. It’s hot when a girl takes that control.

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