Admirable Traits Of People Who Don’t Feel Guilty About Being Confident

Admirable Traits Of People Who Don’t Feel Guilty About Being Confident

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love yourself. It takes a lot of work to build your self-esteem, but once you get there, you’ll never go back. Below are some traits people who don’t feel guilty about being confident share.

1. They Refuse To Put Themselves Down For Other People’s Comfort.

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Building confidence takes work. Sadly, some people who are insecure find it easier to drag confident people down than elevate themselves. Confident people will likely come across friends who act like they’re too much, but they don’t take the bait. Although they feel sad their friend doesn’t love themselves, they refuse to make themselves smaller for someone else’s comfort. It’s their friend’s job to work on themselves.

2. They Don’t Care If People Think They’re Arrogant.

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Confidence and arrogance aren’t the same thing. Genuinely confident people are humble. With that said, some people who are insecure can’t imagine feeling good about themselves, so in their minds, confident people must be full of it. If you’re confident and don’t feel bad about it, you have no problem letting them think what they think.

3. They Know They’re Not Perfect.

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Confident people don’t think they’re flawless — in fact, they know they have plenty of imperfections that they either accept as a part of who they are or are working on changing. Truly confident people don’t feel guilty for their high self-esteem, but they’re also self-aware enough to recognize their shortcomings and try to improve them.

4. They Love Their Own Company.

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Confident people have no problem doing things by themselves, like seeing a movie or taking themselves to dinner. The reason for this is because they’re not afraid to be in their own head. They don’t need to constantly be distracted by other people because they’re comfortable in their own skin.

5. They Won’t Apologize For Who They Are.

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While confident people know they’re not perfect, they won’t apologize for things they can’t change about themselves. They’re always their authentic selves. Some people won’t like it, and that’s okay, but they love who they are and that’s all that matters.

6. They Let Go Of What Doesn’t Serve Them.

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Confident people are experts at walking away from things that don’t serve them anymore, whether it’s a friendship, partner, or job. While others might attempt to guilt them, they hold firm because they recognize their worth. It’s not that they throw in the towel the second things get hard, but they know that some things are unsalvageable.

7. They Advocate For Themselves.

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Confident people aren’t aggressive or entitled but they won’t tolerate poor treatment from others. They know they deserve better so won’t hesitate to call out poor behavior, in a firm but respectful manner. They certainly don’t feel guilty for having tough conversations or reiterating boundaries.

8. They’re Calm.

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Confident people aren’t fearless, but day-to-day, they’re pretty calm. If a problem arises at work, they have a cool head and get it sorted. They have a calming energy that reassures everyone around them.

9. They Can Admit When They’re Wrong.

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No one is immune to making mistakes. While confident people aren’t proud of theirs, they’re also not swamped with shame. They admit when they’re wrong and take accountability for their actions rather than blaming everyone else. Instead of allowing it to knock their self-esteem, they view their mistakes as a teaching moment so they can do better next time.

10. They Celebrate Their Wins.

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Although confident people are humble, they’ll definitely pat themselves on the back for a job well done. They don’t feel bad if people think this means they’re full of it. Life is too short not to be your own cheerleader.

11. They’re Willing To Be Vulnerable.

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It’s not that confident people never feel insecure or need help. Instead, they know when it’s time to be vulnerable and ask for support. They don’t feel guilty because there’s no shame in not being able to do it all or having human emotions.

12. They Make Their Own Happiness.

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People who are confident and own it know life isn’t always about what happens but about your mindset and how you react. This isn’t a blanket statement; if you go through trauma, there isn’t something wrong with you for being traumatized by it. Rather, confident people can make the most out of almost any situation. They aren’t immune to suffering, but they don’t sweat the small stuff.

13. They’re Happy For Others.

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Confident people aren’t jealous when things are going well for other people, even if they’re down on their luck. They’ll put a smile on their face and offer their congratulations. They know that better days are just around the corner for themselves too, so they welcome the ebbs and flows.

14. They’re Not People-Pleasers.

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Confident people can still be kind and helpful, but they know their limits too. People-pleasers burn themselves out doing everything for everyone, hoping to receive love and validation in return. Confident people don’t feel bad for saying no and they won’t budge if someone tries to guilt-trip them.

15. They Can Adapt.

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They recognize that not everything goes to plan. They’re always willing to adapt and compromise because they understand that things not going their way isn’t a reflection of their worth, it’s just a fact of life. Instead of trying to fight change, they embrace it and move forward.

16. They’re Decisive.

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Confident people aren’t afraid to be seen as bossy. When asked to make a decision, they don’t beat around the bush. They get right to it and won’t feel guilty for taking control if a situation calls for it. They back themselves and their decisions, so there’s no reason to delay sharing them.

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