Are You Stressed Out Or Do You Just Need To Get Laid?

When you’re stressed to the max even when you don’t actually have that much to stress about, sometimes the only solution is to take it to the bedroom. Whether you’re just making out or having mind-blowing orgasms (a girl can dream!), it might be time to stop making yourself miserable and start getting laid.

  1. If you’re tense, getting laid can help. Remember really good sex? Remember what that feels like? Working out all your problems and aggressions between the sheets can leave you feeling like a happy little bowl of Jell-o afterwards. Without getting busy in bed from time to time, you’re just bottling all that sexual tension up — so if it’s been a while, your body might just be in need of a sweet release.
  2. At least if you’re doing someone, you’re doing something. Sitting in your bedroom quietly panicking doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do with your weekend — so why not do someone instead? Stress responds well to action, and if you’re not getting any, maybe a little action is exactly what you need.
  3. Orgasm releases feel-good hormones. Those happy bonding hormones that your body pumps through your veins post-coitus actually suppress cortisol — the stress hormone that makes you slow and grouchy and so hungry you could eat three pizzas all by yourself. So if your emotions have been feeling a little out of whack lately, the problem might not be in your head — it might be between your legs.
  4. It’s more fun than exercise. Plenty of people suggest exercise for a healthy way to relieve stress, but that requires undesirable activities like sweating (ew) and leaving the house (double ew). Sex is a form of stress relief that, thanks to the power of technology, doesn’t even mean leaving the bedroom. There’s more than one way to get your heart racing — so why not do it horizontally?
  5. It’s easier than meditation. For a clear, happy mind, meditation is one answer — but it’s far from the only answer. Why waste your time on going, “Ommmmm,” when you could be going, “Ohhhhh!” instead? Find your center while he’s finding your g-spot and you can orgasm your way straight to enlightenment.
  6. It’s a pretty good distraction. Sometimes stress doesn’t stem from too many responsibilities. Sometimes, you’re just straight-up thinking too much. Giving yourself something else to think about does your brain some good — and a good rumble under the covers can put all your worries and concerns far away for a little while. Sex is a welcome distraction for when you’re just too frazzled to think about anything else.
  7. Sex can serve as inspiration. Getting stuck on how to solve a problem? A little outside input can always be useful — and taking that problem to bed can be the best way to get it. Sex creates passionate energy that lasts long after you’ve put your clothes back on, and life always feels easier when you’re feeling recharged.
  8. Feeling sexy is better than feeling overwhelmed. When the world is just too much and nothing else seems like it’s going right, there’s always one thing you can fall back on: at least you’re still fine as hell. Trading out your sweatpants for lingerie and putting something to your lips other than yet another cup of coffee leaves you feeling desirable, hot and in charge — not beleaguered and barely hanging on.
  9. Lack of sex could be making you more stressed. If it’s been a while since you’ve banged one out, the truth is, you might be stressing about sex without even realizing it. There’s nothing wrong with getting it on just to get it out of the way — because then you can start dealing with crap that actually matters.
  10. At this point, it can’t really hurt. Being a nervous wreck and having no other way to help it isn’t fun for anyone — and after a certain point, it feels like you’d try pretty much anything to turn your mood around. Removing your self-inflicted chastity belt and having some fun might not be the only answer to all your problems — but we’d take being stressed out over being stressed and horny any day.