If He Does Any Of These 10 Things, GTFO & Find A Guy Who’s Actually Worthy Of You

You might be really into this guy, but that doesn’t mean he’s worthy of you. Are you going to put up with his BS forever just because you can’t stand the thought of being alone? Here’s 10 signs that you shouldn’t give him any more of your time.

  1. He spends more time on his phone than he does with you. When you spend time with your boyfriend, you half-expect him to have his full attention on you. I mean, that’s the whole point. But if you notice he’s constantly distracted and checks his phone every two seconds, he’s clearly not that interested in being with you. Anyone who obsessively looks at their phone is rude and you’re better off avoiding them.
  2. He knows that he’s upset you but he doesn’t care. Let’s make this clear. If he says, “I’m sorry that it offended you but it was clearly a joke,” or anything along those lines, it’s not a sincere apology. Chances are, he’s only saying it because he feels like he has to. He doesn’t care if you accept the apology or not—all he cares about is deflecting the blame. Why would you want someone like that in your life?
  3. He makes a big deal out of paying for dinner. As a decent human being, he should be happy to pay for your meal. I’m not saying he should pay every time as that would be unfair, but if you take turns then it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re happy to pay for his meal, then surely he can return the favor without having an attitude? If he complains about paying or makes an attempt to get out of it, then you know where you stand with this guy. Turn around and leave.
  4. He thinks it’s acceptable to compare you to his exes. There’s nothing worse than being compared—it makes you feel insecure, embarrassed and offended. It doesn’t matter if he only makes small comparisons, it’s still not fair on you as you feel like you have to live up to the expectations of his past girlfriends. And if he starts comparing you in a negative way then this is toxic behavior and you need to get away from him ASAP.
  5. He’s always looking at other women. When you’re together, do you notice that his eyes wander instead of staying on you? Does he tune out halfway through your conversation because he’s too busy checking out the waitress? He might not be giving out his number to random women walking past but it does hint that he probably won’t be loyal. Honestly, you’re better off without someone who makes you feel like you’re competing with other women.
  6. He doesn’t show any affection in public. Sure, he might be the kind of person who hates PDA, but it still says a lot about how he feels towards you. If he immediately moves away from you or lets go of your hand when someone he knows walks by, that’s a sign that he’s either embarrassed to be seen with you or that he doesn’t want anyone thinking that he’s serious about you. Either way, you need to cut him loose.
  7. He wants to talk to you but on his own terms. You don’t hear from him for a couple of days and then you get a random text in the middle of the night with no apology. He’ll act like he hasn’t ignored your messages and expect you to be okay with that. When he wants to talk to you, he’ll make an effort but he doesn’t go the extra mile to keep you happy. He’s giving you just enough attention to keep you interested but he’s not going to give you what you need. It’s better to let him go and find someone who doesn’t take over 24 hours to send a text.
  8. He only wants to talk about sex. You might think that it’s a good thing that he openly talks about sex, especially if people you’ve dated in the past got embarrassed whenever you start suggesting new things in the bedroom. But if sex is the only thing he ever wants to discuss with you, then maybe that’s all your relationship revolves around. If you want more out of the relationship than sex, you need to walk away.
  9. He’s still swiping on Tinder and makes sure you’re aware of that. Maybe he gives you the excuse that he’s only on Tinder for an ego boost or that he finds it entertaining to find some of his friends on there, but do you really believe that? Chances are, he hasn’t uninstalled the app from his phone because he’s still acting like he’s available. It’s almost like he’s dropping subtle hints that he could leave you whenever he wants. There are so many options on there that he can’t bring himself to commit to you, so why should you commit to him?
  10. He doesn’t include you in his future plans. He gets tickets to see his favorite band but he doesn’t ask if you want to go with him. He talks about how he wants to move to another Country but there’s no mention of you living together. If you get the feeling that you’re not as important to him then don’t ignore that feeling. Those not-so-subtle hints are urging you to walk out of his life and move on.
Coralle is a freelance writer and blogger with a special interest in Mental Health & wellness, Women's health, and relationships.

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