Fox Steals And Runs Away With Woman’s Cell Phone While It’s Recording

Foxes are known for being sly, and Dixie, a 3-year-old rescue and permanent resident at SaveAFox, is no exception. While rescue founder Mikayla Raines was videoing herself doing yoga recently, Dixie decided it’d be a great time to steal Merri’s phone and play a little game of hide and seek with it before eventually trying to bury it. Silly fox!

fox steals phone

  1. Dixie was asked to leave the phone alone but she didn’t listen. Instead, she ran away, forcing Mikayla to run after her in a hilarious chase. The fox is so fast that Mikayla’s unable to catch her, and soon Dixie tries to bury the phone she stole. Thankfully, Mikayla gets her phone back before that happens.
  2. Dixie is a beloved resident at SaveAFox, albeit a very mischievous one.Dixie is a pet surrender and came to us because her original human passed away unexpectedly and the remaining family couldn’t care for her. Dixie is a permanent resident at Saveafox,” Merri, a rescue coordinator at Saveafox, told Bored Panda. But don’t let the sweet looks deceive you, Dixie isn’t just cute, she’s also a very naughty fox. “Dixie is affectionate, sassy, particular and sweet. She is very mischievous and never lets an opportunity pass her by to take something or to sit on someone’s head – she is the undisputed queen of Saveafox. She steals things often – hats, gloves, full garbage bags, food – this was her first phone!”
  3. This is the kind of story we need more of! Life is incredibly stressful and very scary and sad at the moment. We’re bombarded with bad news every time we turn on the TV or come online and it’s often overwhelming. If there’s one thing that can bring a smile to our faces and alleviate the anxiety even temporarily, it’s cute animals, a fox stealing a phone in particular. Thanks, Dixie!
  4. SaveAFox can always use help from generous people to keep the operation up and running. They’re doing great work rescuing foxes that may have ended up in a very bad situation and they need as much support as possible. You can help them by joining their Patreon, sending over a donation via their website, or grabbing something from their Amazon wish list.
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