Georgia Teens Charged With Murder After Egging Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

Georgia Teens Charged With Murder After Egging Prank Goes Horribly Wrong Spalding County Sheriff's Office

Three Georgia teenagers could spend decades behind bars for the murder of a 22-year-old man during an egging prank gone wrong. Jonathan Gilbert had been shot to death and was lying in the middle of the road unresponsive when Spalding County sheriffs arrived at the scene in Griffin. They were soon led to 19-year-old McKenzie Davenport, 18-year-old Sydney Maughon, and 18-year-old Jeremy Munson.

According to authorities, the three teens were in a “lovers’ quarrel’ with Gilbert and were egging his house. However, Gilbert came out to confront the group, which is when things escalated, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

“It appears there was an ongoing lovers’ quarrel and the suspects decided to go to Gilbert’s residence on Dobbins Mill and vandalize it by egging it,” a statement from the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office said. “When Gilbert saw what they were doing to his residence, he came out of the house unarmed, to confront them.”

Maughon is said to have pulled out a gun and shot Gilbert multiple times when he pursued the group to their car. They then left Gilbert dead in the middle of the road and drove off. And while Maughon was the one that pulled the trigger, all three are being held accountable for his death.

“Because they all plotted and planned together, and traveled to the location with the intent to commit a crime that led up to the murder together, they are all just as culpable as if they had each pulled the trigger themselves,” the police statement read.

“They went to egg a house, the victim confronted them while they were doing it, he lost his life, and they drove off and left his body in the middle of the road. Together they bought that ticket; now together they can ride that ride.”

Sydney Maughon, Jeremy Munson, and McKenzie Davenport have all been charged with malice murder, criminal trespass, and battery. Maughon and Munson also face aggravated assault charges and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

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