If A Guy Doesn’t Know What He Wants, He Doesn’t Want You

Sometimes it feels like a lot of guys are absolutely clueless about what they’re looking for in love. They date recklessly and end up hurting you in the process. You’d think that at this point in life, guys would have their crap together a little more when it comes to dating but many don’t. If a guy doesn’t know what he wants, he doesn’t want you. Move on.

  1. At a certain age, dating isn’t a game anymore. At a certain point, it’s hard to comprehend how so many single guys haven’t even scratched the surface of what they’re looking for long-term. They chase the goal of getting laid and having low-key and short-lived relationships rather than looking at the bigger picture. Despite what these guys say to you to try and convince you to accept casual terms, don’t be fooled. You’re a grown woman and dating isn’t a sport anymore. If a guy doesn’t know what he wants, not only does he clearly not want you but he doesn’t deserve you.
  2. Indecisive commitmentphobes are a mindf*ck waiting to happen. Beware of the guys who say they’re just “going with the flow” or encourage you to “see what happens” —they’re players in the making. When a guy is totally into you, he won’t hesitate to lock you down and commit to being with you in a real way. It’s that simple. The guys who shy away from labels or don’t include you in their lives fully are a waste of your time and energy, so don’t bother.
  3. You know what you want, so don’t accept less. Sure, you can hold on to the idea that he could change his mind or think that if you walk away, you might be missing out, but no guy in his right mind who genuinely gives a crap about you will let you get away. He should make his mind up pretty damn quickly at the prospect of losing you. If you know you want the real deal of meaningful love in your life, don’t make concessions in favor of some guy who’s still trying to figure it out.
  4. Blurred lines will make you nuts. There’s nothing fun about being stuck in a grey area with a guy you know you’d totally commit to and have a relationship with. A lot of guys have no problem with hooking up with you constantly but won’t pull the trigger on making it into something real because heaven forbid feelings come into play. It’s not up to you to prove your worth to a guy or fix the issues that he’s been carrying even before you showed up. Save your sanity and go for a guy who has a better head on his shoulders.
  5. You deserve a guy who’s 100% sure about you. The feeling of being with a guy who’s all in and completely devoted to being with you and only you is infinitely better than being with a guy who always makes you feel like he could be gone at any moment. You’re not looking for a guy who’s halfway out the door. He’s either in completely or he can go.
  6. Confusion isn’t an excuse to break your heart. When a guy keeps the relationship lines blurred, it not only makes you nuts with confusion, it also gives him an easy out. He can always claim that he told you he wasn’t ready or whatever other corny line he throws at you to absolve himself from leading you on. Sometimes you need to take what a guy says at face value and leave the rom-com hopeful scenarios in the back of your mind out of it. If he doesn’t know he wants you all the way, he’s not worth your time.
  7. You don’t need to deal with a guy’s issues when you have your crap figured out. If you know that you want someone in your life completely and with a real title on your relationship, don’t feel guilty for walking away from guys who haven’t figured out what they want yet. This nonsense of hanging around and hoping he’ll come around and suddenly have a mind-altering epiphany is useless. Get yourself a guy who has his act together in the same way that you do.
  8. You’re a total catch and he’s lucky to have your attention at all. You should always consider yourself a prize when you’re dating someone, not only because it exudes a special kind of confidence but also because it’ll keep you from settling for half-assed efforts and half-assed commitment. Any guy would be lucky to have your attention in the first place because you bring a lot of good qualities to the table, so don’t waste it on the guys who don’t see your value.
  9. Waiting for the right guy will be worth it. The longer you waste your time on the guys who don’t know what they want, the longer your search for love will be. When you find the right guy, there won’t be any hesitation, any blurred lines or any gnawing confusion on what you’re doing together or where things are headed. Stop wasting your time on the guys who don’t know what they want and wait for a real man who knows he wants you 100%.