If A Guy Wants To Seduce Me, He Should Forget About Sex And Focus On These 10 Things Instead

Sex is amazing, especially when it’s with the right person. Connecting physically is an important part of a relationship but it isn’t everything. If a guy really wants to seduce me, he needs to put his pants back on and pay attention to these things instead:

  1. Supporting Me I need someone in my life who’s going to support me on my good days and bad days, whether it’s a bit of encouragement for me to get my butt in the gym or some kind words after a hard day at work. Nothing beats having some around who makes it a priority to be supportive when I need it the most.
  2. Proving He Can Be Trusted I’m not just giving out trust like it’s candy in a Pez dispenser. I need a guy to prove he can be a trustworthy partner. If I’m not convinced he’ll always stay true to me then there’s no way he’ll be able to seduce me.
  3. Communicating like a grown man I’m not talking about saying dirty things to me in the bedroom, I’m talking about just chatting about our day to day lives. Open communication has the ability to turn a so-so relationship into an amazing one. Knowing I can talk to my partner about anything and everything makes our connection that much stronger.
  4. Connecting Mentally. Before he can seduce my body, he needs to seduce my mind. Without any mental stimulation, I have the tendency to get bored in a relationship. Digging deep into my psyche, discovering what makes me tick and awakening new parts of me that have been hidden away for so long are just a few of the things a guy should focus on if he wants to deepen our connection.
  5. Cuddling. We need to put sex on the back burner for just a moment and connect physically through some intense cuddling. We could snuggle up while watching a movie or just lounge in bed in each other’s arms. Sometimes cuddling is even better than sex. It makes me feel relaxed, it allows me to de-stress, and it makes me feel even more connected in a way that’s totally different from having sex. Cuddling is more intimate. It seems so juvenile and childish but it’s just something I really need from the guy in my life.
  6. Respecting Me at All Times. I’ve dated plenty of toxic dudes but those days are long gone. To make the relationship even better, a guy who shows he can be respectful of me, my values, my ideas and my boundaries is a winner in my book. Of course, the respect has to go both ways in order for the relationship to work.
  7. Being Upfront I don’t have time for games so a guy needs to leave the BS at the front door if he wants to seduce me. Nothing’s better than being with someone who says what he means and means what he says. Being upfront and consistent in every way possible aren’t only amazing traits to have in a partner, but they make me feel more safe and secure.
  8. Spontaneity He can’t be all stiff and rigid all the time. I need someone who thinks outside of the box and is spontaneous when it comes to life in general. It adds an element of mystery and uncertainty to the relationship, and this is something I crave. Jetting off on an impromptu weekend trip not only fuels my sense of adventure but the spontaneity of the trip can bring us even closer together and strengthen our bond.
  9. Just Kiss Me, OK? After those first few dates before our clothes come flying off, nothing beats a good makeout session. Kissing is something that’s so innocent, but it has a way of connecting me to my partner. The whole time we’re making out, I’m thinking about what it’d be like to jump his bones. Until we get to the point where we’re both ready to have sex, kissing is a fun way to add a bit of seduction and passion to the relationship.
  10. Take an Interest. I don’t expect a guy to take an interest in every single thing I do but it would be nice if he at least tried to embrace a few of my hobbies. I like to share the things that are important to me with the guy I’m dating, and if he actually asks questions and wants to join in, he instantly earns extra points in my book. It shows that he cares and he’s willing to put his own interests to the side for a brief moment to take part in something that I love. I don’t want him to tag along with me everywhere I go, but if he jumps on the opportunity to join me on the court for a game of tennis, it can really light up my day. It’s the little things like this that really count.
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