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Here’s How To Know You’re Dating A Real Man

Finding the “right guy” can be such a tricky business these days. You want to be true to yourself and find someone who complements all of the best qualities you have while also finding someone who makes you a better person. The question is, what makes a guy a “real man” and how do you know you’ve found one? Below are some qualities to look out for.

He’s truly kind to everyone. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t just want a guy who’s sweet to me. I want a guy who is truly kind to everyone he meets. A real man goes out of his way to offer a compliment or a kind word to someone, not because it gets him anything but because he believes in releasing good energy back out into the world. Kind people are always more fun to be around. They spend their time talking about all of the ways they can grow and thrive in this life, not talking about other people or simply complaining and being negative. A real man has a kind heart.

He reminds you of your power. 

A real man wants his partner to succeed and have everything they want in life. Men (and women) with insecurities will often do what they can to keep their partner’s self-esteem at a lower level so that they always feel like the one in power or control. A real man is happiest when his partner is confident and standing firmly in their power. When your guy is encouraging you to go after your dreams and reminds you to not give up when life gets tough, that’s when you know you’ve got a real man.

He takes an interest in your life. 

A real man wants to get to know every part of you and wants to know about every aspect of your life. He doesn’t necessarily have to love all of the same things that you do, but he should be excited for you and interested in learning about why you like them so much. This includes your job, your friends and family, and your hobbies and interests. A real man respects everything that makes you who you are and wants to know about them.

He doesn’t dismiss your emotions. 

In every relationship, there are going to be times when couples don’t see eye-to-eye and this might result in one of you becoming more emotional than the other. Even if your guy doesn’t fully understand your point of view in a given situation or agree with it, he will still comfort you, acknowledge that your feelings are valid, and respect them. A man who dismisses your emotions or tells you that you’re overreacting or being dramatic may not be the right man for you.

He shares his heart with you. 

A lot of men have insecurities about sharing their emotions or anything that goes with the lovey-dovey side of romantic relationships. Whether your guy is someone who is in touch with his emotions or not, the fact of the matter is that he needs to be able to tell you how he feels about you. I don’t know about you, but I’m someone who likes to be reassured of my guy’s love for me, even though I know he loves me deep down. I want him to tell me every day. I want him to list all of the qualities about me that he can’t get enough of. Real men aren’t afraid of a little poetry now and then.

He doesn’t intimidate you. 

There are a lot of ways men will use their power and strength to assert dominance over women. Many men feel the need to use fear tactics to control and dictate their relationships and everything their partner does. This is not what a real man does. Ever. A real man will never give you a reason to fear him, point-blank. He’ll never use any form of abuse whether it’s physical, emotional, or psychological, to control you or make you afraid to challenge him. A real man treats you as an equal with respect and compassion.

He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. 

Society has told us over the years that if men show vulnerability, they’re showing weakness. This is just all kinds of wrong. There’s absolutely nothing weak about having the courage to show vulnerability. It happens to be one of the strongest things a person can do. A real man will be honest with you about his struggles, his fears, and his anxieties. A real man won’t be afraid to show you his vulnerable side and will find peace knowing that he has you to confide in.

He strives to do the right thing. 

This is an important quality for all people and should be something that you look for in every partner, regardless of how they identify. A real man always tries to do the right thing in every area of his life. He won’t give you reasons to stress about things like cheating, lying, and committing crimes. He’ll go out of his way to be a good person and do what he can to make the world a better place. That is a real man.

He makes you excited about a future with him.

A real man will exhibit all of the qualities that you envision in a lifetime partner or spouse which will make it easy to see your future with him. These qualities will obviously vary from person to person but the idea is that they will meet all of the standards you’ve set for a romantic partner and make you excited to continue through the years with them.

He will make you a better person. 

A real man will not only show you all of the wonderful qualities that you desire in a partner but he will also inspire you to be a better person yourself. Amazing partners will bring out qualities and strengths in you that you may not have even known were there. The two of you will encourage each other daily and work together to have a beautiful life.

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