How To Tell On The First Date If He Wants A Relationship With You

It might only be the first date, but he already knows what he wants. Guys usually know pretty quickly whether they’re interested in a relationship, a casual hookup, or nothing at all. You don’t have to be a mind reader to figure it out, either. Once you know what to look for, it’s pretty easy to tell if he wants to build something solid with you.

He doesn’t pressure you for sex. 

No, you don’t have some weird green stuff stuck between your teeth. Since he wants more from you than sex, he’s willing to be patient and wait for it. He respects you and doesn’t want to jeopardize his chance at becoming more than just a date.

You have an amazing first kiss. 

Not hinting around for sex doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get a little physical. His deeper attraction for you comes out loud and clear when he goes in for the first kiss. I don’t know how to describe it, but it feels different. It’s a kiss that leaves you wanting more for days to come.

He asks for a second date. 

Any guy who’s interested in a relationship with you isn’t going to give a damn about waiting for you to call him or waiting X number of days to contact you. He’s going to ask you out again sometime during the first date. He’s not being pushy, he just doesn’t want to lose you to some other guy.

He doesn’t stop smiling all night. 

Okay, so he might just be picturing you naked, but odds are, that goofy grin is just because he’s truly happy being around you. He can’t believe how lucky he is. He’s having a great time, and his smile proves it.

He doesn’t want it to end. 

Does he keep drawing things out? Maybe it was supposed to be dinner and movie, but now you’re going to a small diner for dessert. Yes, he’s trying to keep the night from ending. I know your heels are killing your feet, but enjoy knowing how much he wants to be with you.

He sends a sweet goodnight text. 

This happens right after he drops you off or around the time he thinks you might have gotten home if you drove yourself. He wants the last thing you think about to be him, so he sends you a sweet (not creepy) goodnight text. It’s also his way of saying that it’s fine to start calling or texting immediately.

He maintains eye contact. 

I realize guys are going to notice other women, but a wandering eye on the first date means he’s not worth your time or that painful push-up bra you’re wearing. A man who maintains eye contact and isn’t distracted by the supermodel stunner at the next table is one who only has eyes for you.

He’s a total modern gentleman.

The gentleman still exists, but sometimes it takes something special to bring it out. If a guy is opening doors for you, guiding you on a crowded sidewalk or pulling out your chair for you, he’s trying to impress you. Mix this with other signs and he’s definitely interested in a relationship.

He goes out of his way to make you laugh. 

Instead of trying to get in your pants, he’s trying to make you laugh. Why? He loves hearing your laughter and seeing you smile. It makes him feel good to see you happy. It’s also his way of showing you he could make you smile for years to come.

He wants to know more about you. 

How many times have you had to snap your fingers to get your date to pay attention to you? I swear it’s like being a teacher with a bunch of bored teenagers. An interested guy not only pays attention, but asks questions. He actually wants to know who you are, what you like, and what you don’t.

He’s open about himself. 

No first date should ever feel like pulling teeth just to find out a little about a guy. When he wants a relationship, he’s not afraid to give you the inside scoop on himself. Yeah, he’ll probably embellish a little, but don’t we all?

He doesn’t want the conversation to stop. 

Most first date conversations start dwindling about halfway through. You know he wants more when he keeps the conversation going down to the last minute. For once, you don’t have to do all the talking or worry about what to talk about next.

He says it. 

This should be obvious, but I’ve know some women who seem to think their date’s joking. No guy is going to say he wants a relationship if he doesn’t, especially on a first date. If he says it, he means it. This doesn’t apply if he says it and then tries to get you to come back to his place.

One or two signs might be a coincidence. The more signs you see, the more likely it is he’s already envisioning spending long nights curled up on the couch together watching TV and thinking of how much his family will like you.

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