24 Incredible Signs Of A Soul Tie Connection

Throughout history, the idea of two souls being intertwined has always captivated our imagination. From the musings of poets to the stories of ancient civilizations, the concept of a soul tie—a deep, unexplainable connection between two individuals—has always been a topic of intrigue. While some might dismiss it as mere fantasy, many believe in the signs and sensations that suggest the existence of such bonds. Let’s delve into ten remarkable symptoms of a soul tie.

1. You have an intuitive connection with them.

Have you ever had the feeling where you just “get” someone without the need for words? With a soul tie, the understanding goes beyond surface-level communication. You often find yourself knowing what the other person feels or thinks, without them having to say a word.

2. You feel like you share feelings with them.

When one person feels joy, the other can’t help but smile; when one is down, the other shares the weight of that sadness. This emotional mirroring isn’t about codependency; it’s about two souls being in sync, feeling each other’s highs and lows.

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4. You share an unbreakable bond with them.

Even during disagreements or periods of distance, there’s an underlying bond that doesn’t break. It’s like an elastic band that might stretch but always pulls you back to each other, ensuring you remain connected.

5. There’s a sense of familiarity with them that you can’t put your finger on.

From the moment you meet, there’s a comforting familiarity. It’s as if you’ve known each other for lifetimes. This isn’t about shared past experiences but rather a sense that your souls recognize each other.

6. You have dreams and visions about them.

Without venturing into the realm of the mystical, many with a soul tie report seeing the other person in their dreams or having shared visions. These aren’t mere daydreams but profound experiences that connect them even in the subconscious realm.

7. They give you a natural sense of comfort.

With them, everything feels natural. You don’t have to put on a facade or be someone you’re not. The comfort level you share allows for vulnerability, genuine laughter, and mutual trust.

8. You have deep conversations with them.

While you can enjoy lighthearted chats, conversations often dive deep. You discuss dreams, fears, life’s purpose, and other profound topics with an ease that’s surprising even to you.

9. Time doesn’t diminish the bond you share.

Even after long periods of separation, whether physical or emotional, the moment you reconnect, it’s like no time has passed. The bond remains strong, undiluted by the passing of time. That shows how strong it is.

10. They awaken your natural protective instincts.

There’s a natural desire to protect each other, not just in a physical sense but emotionally and mentally. It’s as if your souls are guardians for each other, ensuring the other remains safe and grounded.

11. You both feel pulled towards growth.

A genuine soul tie pushes both individuals towards growth. It’s not about clinging to each other in fear but inspiring one another to evolve, learn, and become the best version of oneself.

12. With them, you feel a sense of completeness.

With this individual, there’s an inherent feeling of completeness, and that’s one of the biggest signs of a soul tie. You don’t rely on them to “complete you,” but their presence amplifies your feelings of self-worth and contentment. It’s like finding a piece you didn’t realize was missing.

13. There’s an inexplicable sense of magnetism between you.

There’s a gravitational pull between the two of you. Even in crowded rooms, you tend to gravitate towards each other. This isn’t solely based on physical attraction but a deeper, more profound connection that draws you together.

14. You have shared values and goals.

More than mere coincidence, you find that your core values, aspirations, and even life goals are aligned. While you might have your differences, the fundamental beliefs that guide you are remarkably in sync.

15. There’s a sense of mutual respect.

Even if there are disagreements or differences in opinion, there’s a profound mutual respect. Neither tries to change the other; instead, you respect and honor each other’s viewpoints and boundaries.

16. You notice a lot of uncanny coincidences.

You find yourselves often amazed by the serendipities that occur. Perhaps you think of them just as they call, or you both bring up a topic at the same time. These aren’t planned but seem to happen frequently.

17. There’s a shared sense of growth.

As each individual grows and evolves, you find that you’re not growing apart but rather evolving together. It’s as if your personal growth journeys are intertwined, pushing each other towards better horizons.

18. You have an undying sense of loyalty toward them.

Loyalty goes beyond mere faithfulness. With a soul tie, the loyalty is about standing by each other, in good times and bad. It’s a commitment that remains unshaken by external circumstances.

19. You don’t just understand them, you empathize with them.

You don’t just sympathize with each other; you empathize deeply. You can feel each other’s pain or joy, and this empathetic connection allows for a deeper understanding of each other’s experiences.

20. You share non-verbal communication.

A mere glance, a slight change in demeanor, or even a sigh is enough for you to gauge what the other is feeling. This non-verbal communication speaks volumes, often more than words could convey.

21. You have unconditional love for one another.

The love shared isn’t conditional on circumstances, physical appearances, or material gains. It’s a love that’s pure, unwavering, and remains steadfast regardless of life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

22. You seem to be on the same patterns of growth and evolution.

Often in a soul tie, both individuals seem to grow and evolve together, even if they’re faced with separate challenges or are geographically distant. It’s as though the connection drives both towards self-improvement and growth, pushing each other to be better. This doesn’t mean they mirror each other’s lives exactly, but the overarching themes of growth and learning seem synchronously aligned.

23. When they’re around, you feel a sense of completion.

With a soul tie, there’s a sensation of feeling “whole” or “complete” when you’re with the other person. It’s not about dependency or feeling like you’re half a person without them. Instead, it’s the sensation that together, there’s an enhanced understanding or deeper perspective. You might find that they fill the gaps in your thoughts or that together you come up with ideas and solutions that neither would have reached alone.

24. You have shared visions for the future.

Not in the literal sense of dreaming during sleep, but more about life ambitions, goals, and what you hope for in the future. You’ll find that even if you have different paths or career goals, the core values and what you both hope to achieve in life are uncannily similar. This alignment often makes it easier to support and understand each other on a profound level, further strengthening the bond.

Unhealthy symptoms of a soul tie

1. Overwhelming obsession

While deep connections often involve thinking about the other person often, an unhealthy soul tie can manifest as an all-consuming obsession. You might find it challenging to focus on other aspects of your life because your thoughts are dominated by this individual. This kind of attachment can hinder personal growth and overshadow other meaningful relationships.

2. Emotional dependency

While mutual support is a hallmark of deep connections, excessive emotional dependency can signal an unhealthy tie. If you find that your happiness, self-worth, or emotional well-being is entirely hinged on the other person’s actions or feelings, it might be a sign that the relationship lacks balance.

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4. Extreme jealousy

A bit of jealousy in relationships can sometimes be normal. However, if it reaches an extent where it’s suffocating, controlling, or leads to aggressive behavior, it’s an indicator of an unhealthy soul tie. Such jealousy stems from fear and insecurity rather than love.

5. Repeatedly accepting toxic behavior

An unhealthy soul tie can often blind individuals to toxic behaviors. If you find yourself continuously excusing or justifying their harmful actions or words because of your deep connection, it’s a red flag. True, profound connections don’t involve repeated pain or hurt.

6. Inability to move forward

If the relationship has ended, or if it’s clear that it’s not beneficial, but you find it impossible to move on or visualize a future without the individual, it may be a sign of an unhealthy attachment. While deep connections can make parting difficult, a genuine, healthy soul tie will also come with the understanding of what’s best for each individual.

Originally from Australia, Emma Mills graduated from the University of Queensland with a dual degree in Philosophy and Applied Linguistics before moving to Los Angeles to become a professional matchmaker (a bit of a shift, obviously). Since 2015, she has helped more than 150 people find lasting love and remains passionate about bringing amazing singletons together.

Emma is also the author of the upcoming Hachette publication, "Off the Beaten Track: Finding Lasting Love in the Least Likely of Places," due out in January 2025.