How Do You Know If He’s Into You? Look At His Texting Habits

Everyone texts differently, but it’s pretty obvious that when you’re seeing someone who’s truly into you, their texting style changes, no matter what kind of texter they normally are. Pay attention because if a guy you’ve recently started seeing changes the way he texts you in these ways, he’s most likely feeling it.

He replies to you even when your text doesn’t warrant a response.

If you haven’t asked a question or said anything that requires a follow-up, most people (especially those who don’t really like communicating by texting) won’t bother to respond. It’s definitely a good indication of a guy’s intentions if you notice that he’s been answering texts from you that don’t really need an answer. He’s clearly making an effort to keep the conversation going and isn’t just answering to be polite.

His responses don’t take forever.

A guy who’s interested in you wants to keep the conversation flowing. He won’t let hours pass before replying to your text and you won’t be wondering if you should send a second (or maybe even third) text—he’ll already have answered.

On the other hand, he doesn’t answer you back immediately. 

It’s actually a good sign for a man’s interest level in you if he doesn’t reply immediately because it means he’s putting thought into his messages and maybe even feeling a little nervous. A few minutes passing before you receive an answer is a sign that he wants to make sure the conversation (and the connection between the two of you) progresses in the right direction.

He asks you questions and seems genuinely interested in the answers.

Basically, he isn’t giving you one-word answers or responding with messages that are difficult to answer. He’s not looking for a way to end the conversation or close contact, but actually, it’s the opposite. You guys have two-way conversations and you’re not searching for ways to keep talking—it happens naturally.

When you haven’t been in contact all day, he initiates the conversation

This is especially true if he hasn’t just looked through your Snapchat story or liked an Instagram picture. If he makes the effort to start a conversation with you when you haven’t yet been talking, that’s a definite sign he’s interested in you. Most guys don’t generally go out of their way to make everyday, casual conversation with a girl they’re not good friends with unless they truly want to get to know you.

He offers a reasonable (and honest) explanation when he hasn’t texted back or why it took so long for him to do so. 

When he doesn’t answer your last text at night, he texts you in the morning to let you know he fell asleep. Or, if he usually answers throughout the day on a semi-fast basis but then one day it takes him a few hours to reply, he’ll let you know the reason it took him longer was that he had to rush to a last-minute meeting. His reasons for the pause in conversation seem genuine and honest.

When possible, he lets you know in advance when and why he’ll be unreachable. 

He doesn’t want you to think that he’s ignoring you or uninterested, so when he knows he won’t be able to check his phone, he’ll let you know the details beforehand. If he has plans to catch a movie with his mom or has a scheduled phone call for work, he’ll give you a heads up so you know not to be worried or concerned.

He texts you when he gets any big news, good or bad. 

If he receives a promotion at work, you get a text with the good news and the details. On the flip side, if he hits a curb and gets a flat tire, he sends you a message about that as well, not to complain or look for sympathy but because he wants you to know what’s going on with him as it happens.

He asks about your news as well. 

He remembers that you mentioned you had a presentation at work, and the morning of, he wishes you good luck and asks to know how it went. He also wants to know how a sick family member is doing, or how your dog is recovering from surgery. In general, he pays attention to the big things in your life that you’ve told him about and makes sure you’re aware he wants to be kept in the loop.

He pays attention to your texting habits. 

When you’re feeling sick or having an off day, it’s possible that you’re not as engaged in texting conversations or take longer to reply, or maybe your best friend is visiting and you’ve been busy entertaining. Either way, if your usual texting style towards him changes for any reason, he notices and asks what’s up. He’s not trying to be controlling or accusatory, he just wants to make sure you’re OK.

He seems happy when you text him first. 

His response to you initiating a conversation with him is always enthusiastic. He includes a smiley face or emoji, or maybe an exclamation point. The point is, you can tell that he’s truly excited that you made the effort to talk to him.

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