Krispy Kreme Is Releasing Two New Butterfinger Donuts And They Look Delicious

Krispy Kreme Is Releasing Two New Butterfinger Donuts And They Look Delicious Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is constantly trying to outdo themselves when it comes to releasing interesting and delicious sugary treats. However, I feel like their new collaboration with Butterfinger—yes, the candy bar—might be their best one yet and I’m desperate to try it.

  1. Two new Butterfinger donuts are now available. Wherever you can find Krispy Kreme donuts, you should be able to find the new Butterfinger donuts, which come in two varieties: Butterfinger Original Filled Doughnut and Butterfinger Fudge Cake Doughnut. They hit stores on Thursday, February 20, so what are you waiting for?
  2. They both sound so good! The original filled donut is described as “an original glazed doughnut filled with peanut butter chocolate Kreme, dipped in Butterfinger icing, and topped with Butterfinger pieces and a chocolate drizzle,” while the cake donut (sorry, doughnut) is “a chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate icing, topped with peanut butter chocolate Kreme and Butterfinger pieces.” I literally can’t decide between the two, so I guess I need both.
  3. Krispy Kreme is pretty pleased with themselves. Butterfingers are so delicious that they almost don’t need translating into another medium. However, if anyone was going to do it, it was going to be Krispy Kreme, and they’re pretty sure they’ve cracked it. “We’ve done it. We’ve achieved our goal of putting krispety, crunchety, glazey, chocolatey and peanut buttery all in a doughnut,” said Dave Skena, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme, in a statement.
  4. Sadly, they’re only available for a limited time. While I feel like Butterfinger donuts would make an excellent permanent addition to the Krispy Kreme flavor lineup, alas, that’s not meant to be. According to Thrillist, these will only stick around until March 13, so you’ll have to be quick! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in line ordering all of the ones they have in stock.


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