The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Being Sexy AF

Being sexy can be SO MUCH WORK. Lipstick, contour, bombshell hair, push up bras… screw that. If you’ve got enough time and energy for that every day, more power to you — I don’t. Luckily, there are a ton of easy, quick and painless ways to amp up the sexy  without losing any sleep or having to try too hard.

Two-in-one products. These are a lazy gal’s best friend! A cheek and lip stain, hair and body mist, mascara as a gel liner — really anything that does more than one thing is perfect for the lazy girl.

Wet-set hairstyles. Damp hair can turn into a variety of styles all while you sleep! Braid it and you get great waves, twist it into buns and you get curls, sleep with it down and damp and you get awesome beach texture. No work required.

Beauty balm. Beauty balm is amazing if you’re low maintenance. It evens out your skin tone, usually provides SPF and gives your face an amazing glow. You don’t even need to use a foundation brush if you don’t want. Hello, easy!

The messy bun. If you haven’t mastered this yet, you need to. The messy bun can take you from the weekend to the office if you can execute it well. Slick your hair back for a more polished approach or pull some pieces out to make it more relaxed. Either way, it screams sexy and tousled and means you don’t have to brush your hair.

Faux smoky eye. You don’t need to hit up a YouTube tutorial to get a smokey eye. Grab your eyeliner, line and smudge! I have yet to meet a guy who didn’t think a smudged eye was hot. Best part is, it takes about 30 seconds and you don’t need to stay in the lines.

Killer mascara. Eyes are sexy as hell, so play them up by getting a great mascara. An awesome mascara will lift, plump and widen your eyes and you won’t even need any other products. Two minutes, and done.

Red lips. A classic red lip screams siren and doesn’t require much else. In fact, too much else looks overdone and kinda gross. A standout lip makes you look completely made up and glamorous, to boot.

The perfect jean. Jeans are really sexy when they fit great and make you feel good. They go with everything, require no work and say, “Hello, I’m the sexy girl next door.” How much easier does it get than that?

Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the 8th wonder of the world. Not only does it allow you to skip washing your hair by removing the oil, but it smells awesome and gives AMAZING texture and volume. Spray some in, work it through your roots and flip upside down while you tousle. Bombshell hair in just moments.

A sexy scent. A great signature scent can be all you need to be sexy. Something dark and mysterious maybe? Or perhaps you’re more the vanilla type. Either way, a good perfume that lingers when you walk away is super sexy and takes no work at all.

Heels (that you can walk assertively in). A great pair of heels that gives you a sexy gait is a simple way to amp up the sexiness in your day — just be sure you can actually walk well in them so you look sexy and not silly.

LBD. Finally, the cream of the crop! The little black dress. The amazing thing about dresses is they’re sassy and look like they take so much more work than they do. A single item of clothing and all you need to do is find great shoes. Boom. Sexy in five.

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