Maybe you want to turn your ex into your boyfriend again. Maybe you just want to make him suffer for all of the pain he caused you. Either way, there are a few little things you can do to make him regret breaking up with you. These actions aren’t bitter. They’re just plain sweet. Here are a few ways to make your ex wish he never left you. In other words, here’s how to win the breakup:

Look happy without him. When he sees you smiling and laughing instead of crying and moping, he’ll wonder why you aren’t upset over the breakup. Even though he’ll be happy you’re happy, that good mood will still drive him crazy.

Post pretty pictures on Instagram. It’s time to show him what he’s missing. When you’re feeling your sexiest, post a picture of yourself onto Instagram, so he can get a good look at you. The more “likes” you get, the more regret he’ll feel.

Get a new haircut. If you want to be a little less cliché, you can get a new outfit or head to the gym instead. Any sort of physical change that you make will get his attention. Of course, bettering yourself will do more than make him suffer—it’ll also make you feel amazing about your looks.

Become successful at work. You don’t have to use your prettiness to make him pay. You can use your intelligence, instead. When he sees you post a status about your new promotion or sees the photo of your Master’s Degree, he’ll remember just how talented you are.

Spend time with other men. You don’t have to start dating yet. As long as your ex sees you hanging around other men, he’ll realize that there are plenty of other people who would love to call you their girlfriend. Plus, all of those new guy friends will help you get over your ex faster. They’re proof that there’s other (more handsome) fish in the sea.

Act casual when you see him. If you bump into him at school or the supermarket, don’t run the other way. Walk right up to him and say hello. When he sees how casually you’re able to act in front of him, he’ll assume that you’re completely over him—and men always want what they can’t have.

Prove him wrong. Did your ex happen to mention why he broke up with you in the first place? If he did it because you’re too needy, then show him how independent you are. If he did it because you’re too timid, show him how adventurous you can be.

Ignore him. Some men think that they can break a girl’s heart and then continue to be friends with her. But if you cut him out of your life completely, which is the best way to get over him, he’ll realize that he screwed up. Then he’ll finally see that he lost more than a girlfriend. He also lost a great friend.

Let your friends do the talking. If you brag to your ex about your new man or your new car, he’s going to think you’re trying to make him jealous. That’s why you should keep quiet and let your friends do the bragging for you. It’ll make you seem both successful and modest. Is there any better combination?

Always take the high road. It’s easy to throw a fit when a man shatters your heart. However, if you handle the situation like a lady, without screaming at him or placing blame, then he’ll finally realize that you’re a real catch. Most people can’t handle themselves that maturely.

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