You Can Now Rent Bella Swan’s House In ‘Twilight’ In Real Life On Airbnb

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a bit more high brow when it comes to your entertainment, I don’t know many women my age who didn’t read (or rather devour) the Twilight books and the movies. Yes, we all knew they were dumb and sent terrible messages to younger girls. Yes, we even knew they weren’t particularly well-written, but damn, if they weren’t fun to read. If you feel the same, you might be interested to know that you can now rent the house used as Bella Swan’s in the movies on Airbnb. Pretty sweet, right?

The house is in St. Helens, Oregon. The whole Twilight series had an eerie, overcast gloom to it, so the Pacific Northwest was a perfect setting. While the books were set in Forks, Washington, the house used as Bella’s is actually located in St. Helens, Oregon, about 30 miles away from Portland.

You’ll be renting the whole house. The “Twilight Swan House” as it’s now being billed is being rented as a whole, meaning you’re not just paying to stay in a single room – you’ll have the run of the whole place, so you’ll probably want to bring quite a few friends. You can sleep in Bella’s room, have some snacks at the kitchen table, or even just stand in the driveway brooding over your 300-year-old boyfriend, if that’s your style. There are five bedrooms and the place sleeps 10, so everyone can join in.

The house has been redecorated to look more like the movie. This house was only actually used as Bella’s during the first movie; for all subsequent films, the facade and interiors were rebuilt on a soundstage, for some reason. Nevertheless, the homeowners have redecorated the place to make it look as close as possible to how it was in the film.

Hilariously, they’ve even put cardboard cutouts of the characters around the house. Bella Swan lurks in one bedroom, Jacob in another. Everywhere you look, you’ll be reminded of exactly where you are: Bella’s house. It’s cheesy and hilarious just like the Twilight series and that’s what makes it so fun.

It’s going for $330 a night. Being Bella Swan, even for a night, isn’t cheap. Renting the entire Twilight house will run you $330 a night, but given that it sleeps 10, if you fill it up and divide it evenly, that’s really only $33 a night per person, which isn’t too bad. I think that’s extremely high, especially for the area, but you’re paying for a bit of movie magic, I suppose!

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