Signs Your Troubled Relationship Is Worth Saving: Why You Shouldn’t Break Up Yet

There comes a point in most relationships when you start to feel like you might be better off on your own. Maybe you’re fighting all the time or you just have some nagging voice in your brain trying to convince you that you don’t want to be with your partner anymore. Before you do something you might end up regretting in the end, here are some signs you shouldn’t break up yet because your relationship is still worth saving.

You still have good times together. Maybe you’re bickering all the time or you get in several screaming matches a week, but you shouldn’t just throw in the towel if you still have good times together too. If you’re still laughing together sometimes or can enjoy spending time together just like you did during better times in your relationship, consider that one of the biggest signs that you shouldn’t break up yet.

You still love them and know they feel the same. Obviously, you’d know leaving was the best option if you were no longer in love with your partner or you knew they were no longer in love with you. If that’s not the case and you still care about them deeply and know they feel exactly the same, there’s still potential there. Don’t give up just yet.

Your partner wants to make it work. Any effort put into a relationship needs to be equal from both sides. Another of those notable signs you shouldn’t break up is that it’s not just you who wants to stay together – your partner wants to fix things too. This bodes well because you’ll need to work together as a team in order to be successful.

You still like who you are with them. We’ve all been in situations when your relationship makes you hate who you are when you’re with them. That’s generally a pretty clear indication that you need to say goodbye ASAP because no one should live like that. If your partner still brings out the best sides of you and you like who you are when you’re around them, your issues may be surmountable.

The thought of life without them is heartbreaking. Yes, this could just be fear talking, especially if you’ve been together a long time and have no idea what you did in life before you got with them. However, it could also be one of those big signs that you shouldn’t break up because things aren’t over between you. If you were really meant to split, you’d probably be fantasizing about life post-relationship, not dreading it.

Your problems aren’t deal-breakers. Unless someone cheated, has a major move coming up that the other doesn’t want to make, or committed a major betrayal, chances are the issues between you aren’t deal-breakers. If you’re honest with yourself, are your problems somewhat superficial and silly? If so, you can probably get over them.

You still want the same things in life. This is perhaps at the top of the list of signs you shouldn’t break up yet. If you still agree on the big things, there’s still a chance for you, don’t you think? Don’t give up yet – work it out!

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