45 Simple Ways To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy When You’re Not Around

Whether you just got dumped by a guy you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with or you’ve just started seeing someone new and want to ensure you’re on his mind pretty much nonstop like he is on yours, it makes sense that you’re looking for ways to make him miss you. After all, everyone wants to feel like their presence is valued and appreciated, and knowing that a guy you love spending time with feels the same about you makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. The question is, how can you make it happen?

While which tactics below work for you will depend on the guy in question, your relationship with him, and what you feel comfortable with, these methods could just make him wish you were around. Give them a try and see which are the most effective for your particular situation.

How to make him miss you like crazy

  1. Stay independent. Cherish your personal hobbies and passions. By maintaining an independent streak, you become a multifaceted individual, drawing him in with curiosity and reminding him of the depth you bring to the relationship. Nothing makes a guy miss you more than when you’re not even thinking about him (or so he believes).
  2. Be memorable. Elevate the moments you share, whether through deep, intimate conversations or surprise getaways. The more unforgettable your time together is, the more he’ll replay those moments in his mind during your absence.
  3. Don’t be too available for him. While it’s tempting to always be there, allowing space between interactions can build anticipation. It’s the gaps between meetings that often intensify longing, as he remembers the joy of your company. You have other things to do, people to see, etc. Fit him in when you can, sure, but turn him down sometimes too.
  4. Connect with him emotionally. Vulnerability is powerful. By sharing your dreams, fears, and personal stories, you create an emotional bond that he will undoubtedly miss when it’s not present. These shared moments of vulnerability become the cornerstones of intimacy. This also triggers his hero instinct, which will make him desperate to be back in your presence.
  5. Surprise him every once in a while. From leaving heartfelt notes in unexpected places to planning surprise dates, the unexpected gestures are the ones he’ll cherish the most. These small surprises remind him of your thoughtfulness even when you’re not around.
  6. Smell irresistible. Scents have a powerful link to memories. By choosing a signature fragrance, you embed yourself in his senses, ensuring he’s reminded of you whenever he encounters that scent. It might seem odd that this is one of the things that will make a guy miss you, but it totally works!
  7. Create traditions together. Regular rituals, be it cooking together every weekend or monthly getaways, become milestones in your relationship. These rituals become moments he deeply cherishes and longs for. This means when he doesn’t have them, he’ll be longing for them — and you — back in his life.
  8. Be confident. Self-assuredness is magnetic. When you radiate confidence, you leave an indelible mark on his mind. Your strength and conviction in your beliefs and actions become traits he deeply admires and misses. Guys are attracted to women who love the flavor of their own sauce. Just be sure not to confuse confidence with cockiness. The latter isn’t attractive at all!
  9. Prioritize quality time. Ensure the time you spend together is meaningful. Whether it’s through shared activities, deep conversations, or simply silent companionship, make every moment count, and he’ll miss you when that’s not happening and will be looking forward to the next time it does.
  10. Keep the flirting light. A gentle touch, a playful tease, or a lingering glance can stoke the flames of desire. Keep the romantic and flirtatious energy alive, making him look forward to more such interactions. While keeping things hot and heavy will definitely get his interest, a bit of intrigue keeps it going long-term.
  11. End the conversation first sometimes. No matter how much you love talking to him or how much you have to say, say you have to go first sometimes and hang up the phone/end the texting back and forth. Obviously, you need to find a natural place to do this, but it leaves things open-ended and will have him thinking about you for a long time to come.
  12. Respect his space. This is one of the simplest ways to make a guy miss you. Show understanding when he needs time for himself or with his friends. By doing so, you demonstrate maturity and understanding, qualities he’ll miss and appreciate. This is especially true if his previous girlfriends were clingy or never gave him space.
  13. Keep a positive attitude. Your optimistic outlook can be a ray of sunshine in his life. When you bring positivity to your interactions, he’ll find himself longing for the light and warmth you offer. Of course he’ll miss being around someone who always sees the bright side and knows how to put a smile on his face!
  14. Be a good listener. Active listening shows you care. By being genuinely interested in his stories and recalling the little details, you make your conversations special, something he’ll sorely miss in its absence. Put down your phone and look into his eyes when he’s talking so he knows he has your undivided attention.
  15. Ask for his advice. By valuing his opinion and often consulting him, you not only showcase your trust in his judgment but also make him feel indispensable and valued in your life. This again triggers his hero instinct and makes him feel wanted and needed. The rush he gets from that will always have him coming back for more.
  16. Show appreciation for even the littlest things he does. Recognizing and expressing gratitude for his efforts creates a profound bond. When he feels valued and seen, he begins to associate those warm feelings of affirmation with your presence. In your absence, he’ll miss the way you made him feel significant and cherished.
  17. Stay mysterious. While it’s essential to open up, leaving some aspects of your life and experiences to unfold naturally maintains an element of intrigue. He’ll continuously be drawn to you, eager to uncover the layers and depths that make you, you. There’s plenty of time to get to know each other, so why rush it?
  18. Leave some of your stuff at his place. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to ways to make him miss you. Something as simple as a hair tie or your favorite book left at his place can act as a tactile reminder of you. These personal items invoke memories and emotions, making him think of you and the time you shared. It’s corny, yes, but it’s definitely effective.
  19. Limit your social media activity (or at least keep him out of your close friends list). In an era of oversharing, restraint can be magnetic. By keeping certain adventures or thoughts private, you provide exclusive content for your shared moments, fueling his curiosity about your day-to-day life away from him. He won’t know what your up to and his curiosity will make him miss you.
  20. Encourage his passions. Showing genuine interest in his hobbies and passions makes him feel supported. He’ll associate the feelings of empowerment and encouragement with you, longing for that boost you provide. After all, who wouldn’t want to be around someone who makes them feel like a million bucks?
  21. Connect on shared hobbies and interests. Discover activities or hobbies you can delve into together. The shared joy and progress in these mutual interests not only strengthen your bond but become things he misses doing exclusively with you. For instance, if you always go for a run together on Saturday mornings, he’s start associating that activity with you and he’ll wish you’re there whenever you’re not.
  22. Share music, movies, TV, and books. Introduce him to songs that move you or books that changed your perspective. These shared cultural tastes become your shared emotional landscape, and he’ll think of you every time he hears that song or references that book. Obviously, this sucks if you ever break up, but let’s not think of that now!
  23. Send him thoughtful messages. A random message or voice note sharing something that reminded you of him or just to check in can brighten his day. The unexpected nature of these messages will make him smile and think of you fondly. Sometimes just hearing his voice is enough to make him want you around.
  24. Let him go out and have fun with his friends without drama. So many women get bent out of shape when the guy they like wants to go out and drink with his bros. Sure, you don’t know what’s happening when he’s not with you, but extending that trust and being laid-back about it will make him miss you and be eager to get home to you at the end of the night.
  25. Challenge him intellectually. Engaging in stimulating discussions or friendly debates can be invigorating. He’ll miss those moments of intellectual connection and the way you challenge and broaden his perspective.
  26. Don’t hold back on the physical affection. Small gestures of physical intimacy – from a gentle caress to a spontaneous hug – can be deeply moving. He’ll yearn for the comfort and connection that your touch brings.
  27. Dress in outfits that show off your best traits. The way you carry yourself can leave a lasting impression. Wearing outfits that make you feel confident and radiant will etch a visual memory in his mind, making him miss your presence and style. Note: This doesn’t mean you have to wear stilettos and mini skirts, unless that’s your thing!
  28. Make plans for the future he can get excited about. Talk about dreams, aspirations, and places you’d like to explore together. Creating a shared vision for the future gives him something to look forward to and miss in anticipation.
  29. Support him when times are tough. Be there for him during challenging moments, offering a listening ear or a comforting word. Your supportive presence becomes a sanctuary he’ll deeply miss during times of distress.
  30. Bring him into your work. Let him meet your friends, show him your favorite hangout spots, or share stories from your childhood. Integrating him into different facets of your life gives him a deeper understanding and appreciation of you, making your absence felt even more.
  31. Travel solo or with friends. Taking a short trip without him not only gives you a refreshing break but also provides him with an opportunity to miss you. When you return, you’ll have new stories to share, reigniting your conversations. And hey, there’s never a bad time for a friendmoon, am I right?
  32. Be the hostess with the mostest. Organizing gatherings or events, like a game night or dinner party, allows him to see you in a different light. He’ll reminisce about the laughter, conversations, and the way you light up a room. He’ll be thinking about how much you shine when you’re around people and it will make him miss you like crazy.
  33. Discover some new foods together. Exploring new culinary experiences together creates sensory memories. He’ll associate those unique flavors and dishes with your shared adventures, making him crave both the food and your company.
  34. Try to limit FaceTiming and texting. While technology keeps us connected, occasionally refraining from video calls or online chats makes the face-to-face interactions more meaningful and missed. Obviously, it’s impossible to never communicate this way, but the less you do it, the more you’ll just want to see each other so you can talk properly.
  35. Have personal rituals together. Something as simple as sending a “good night” text or a weekly catch-up call can become rituals. Their consistent nature makes them habits he’ll miss when they don’t happen.
  36. Make the gifts you give him thoughtful and meaningful. Gifting him something personal, like a custom-made keychain or a shared journal, serves as a daily reminder of your bond.
  37. Work out together to stay healthy. Encourage mutual workouts, runs, or even yoga sessions. The camaraderie built during these sessions, combined with the endorphin boost, makes for memories he’ll miss and want to recreate.
  38. Don’t become codependent with him. While it’s okay to lean on him occasionally, showcasing your ability to handle situations independently makes him respect and miss your resilience. He’ll love knowing you’re totally fine on your own and that you want him around but don’t necessarily need him to be happy.
  39. Volunteer together. Engaging in charitable activities together not only strengthens your bond but also builds shared experiences of giving back. These altruistic memories often linger in the mind.
  40. Write him letters — yes, with a pen and paper! In the digital age, handwritten letters carry an unmatched charm. Receiving a tangible piece of your thoughts will make him cherish and reread, deepening his feelings of longing.
  41. Keep your own personal style. Whether it’s your unique laughter or the way you tie your hair, these idiosyncrasies make you stand out. He’ll miss those quirks that are quintessentially you. Don’t give in to the urge to be more like a Kardashian or some random influencer you see online. It’s you he’ll miss, not who you’re trying to be.
  42. Share some playlists with him. Curate a playlist of songs that remind you of him or your shared moments. Every time he listens to it, he’ll be swept into a sea of memories, making him miss you more. Back in the day, we used to do this with actual mixtapes, but these days it’s way less effort to throw together a Spotify playlist.
  43. Ask for his advice. Everyone loves to feel needed. Asking for his expertise or help in specific areas boosts his confidence and makes him feel valued, a feeling he’ll undoubtedly miss.
  44. Surprise him with a visit. Dropping by unexpectedly (but considerately) for a quick hello or to share a coffee can create spontaneous moments of joy. These unplanned moments often leave a lasting impact. Of course, you shouldn’t show up at his office when he’s in the middle of a busy work week or turn up at his house unannounced when you’ve never been over there before. Use your head here!
  45. Document your important moments. Create a shared album or scrapbook that captures your moments together. The act of revisiting and adding to it becomes a nostalgic journey, making him cherish and miss those times, and by extension, miss you.
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill