The First Ever Hotel In Space Is Opening In 2025

The American company Orbital Assembly has revealed that the first-ever space hotel known as Pioneer Station will open in 2025, with a second, Voyager Station, two years behind in 2027. The luxury accommodation will cater to both people with business in space (??) as well as tourists, though it’s unclear how much you’ll have to shell out for a stay.

  1. No, you won’t be floating around and using vacuum toilets. In fact, Orbital Assembly promises that the resorts will “leverage the technologies of Space and the comforts of Earth to create a unique experience unparalleled in history.” Not only that, but they’ll have “simulated gravity” and therefore all the Earthly comforts you’re used to like showers and flushing toilets.
  2. Only 28 people will be able to stay at Orbital Assembly’s Pioneer Station at a time. While you might assume that a luxury space resort would be able to host hundreds if not thousands of people, that’s sadly not the case. Only a little over two dozen people will be able to go to Pioneer Station at once. Thankfully, Voyager Station will be able to accommodate 400 when it’s complete.
  3. They’ll even be offering “luxury suites.” Those can be rented for a week or a month at a time, or even purchased entirely in case you plan on traveling back and forth to space. “Our luxury villas are anticipated to be up to 500 m2 (5,300 sf). They will feature cooking facilities, up to three bathrooms, and sleeping accommodations for up to 16 people,” Orbital Assembly says, adding that there are gym facilities available as well.
  4. It’s not just a place for leisure — Pioneer and Voyager Stations will focus on research too. That means scientists and astronauts from around the world will likely flock to Orbital Assembly’s resorts. “Whether you’re looking for partial gravity to simulate Lunar or Martian environments, or the weightless environment of Zero-G for your next big breakthrough innovations, our orbital labs can be customized to facilitate your research project in life sciences and physical sciences,” the website boasts.
  5. If you think you want in, Orbital Assembly is now taking reservations for Pioneer Station. You won’t know how much you’ll be paying for the pleasure just yet, but I guess it’s good to have your name down. Check out the company’s website for more information.
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