10 Reasons To Block Your Ex On Social Media

Step one in the “how to get over your toxic ex” handbook is deleting him from social media. If you’re a little hesitant or it seems too soon, here’s why it’s best to get it over with sooner rather than later.

He’s not going to send you secret messages in his status.

Unless he’s a high schooler, he’s not going to try to win you back through a public display of affection. He’d rather quietly try to remove “In A Relationship” from his profile and hope nobody notices. If you’re looking for a big dramatic and public scene regarding the end of your relationship, maybe that’s one of the reasons you broke up to begin with. You just have expectations that can’t be met.

One glass of wine and you’ll be scrolling through those old photos.

And you’ll be crying, especially if you were blindsided by the breakup. It’s always nice to reminisce on old times, but doing so immediately after the relationship ends is just torture. Give this wound some time to heal.

You’ll be wary of every new woman he friends.

As a single man, he has a right to start dating again when he feels ready. Still, trying hard to figure out who might be his next girlfriend is a tiresome hobby. In fact, if you’re that involved, you’re borderline stalking him.

You might start comparing lives.

This sounds petty but if a breakup ended very badly, you’ll be rooting for him to fail. You may find yourself checking his profile daily to see if you’re doing better, but really, since you’re still so hung up on him, you’re not. Let him live his own life while you live yours. If it was meant to be, you could always unblock him or re-friend him.

You’ll form unnecessary grudges.

Eventually, he will meet someone else and you’ll inevitably hate her right off the bat. Take a deep breath — you might be envious, but this girl did nothing wrong. Unless she was the one who broke up your relationship, she’s an innocent party. The best way to avoid looking up her Instagram and judging her for what she posts? Block your ex and try hard not to know she even exists.

You might accidentally DM him.

If you’re hoving around his profile, you might be tempted to send him a message. That message may be angry or embarrassing after your senses come back. You can’t take back words you’ve sent, so let this breakup news cool before accidentally doing something you can’t come back from.

Keeping him in your radar just to gloat is a catty move.

In our hearts, we all want our exes to feel sorry about ending things. We want them to feel the pain of regret. And while it feels good to post a new photo after a glow-up, going beyond that is a bit much. If you’re continuously posting statuses about how happy you are after getting rid of dead weight or about dates you’re going on, you’re not really handling the breakup maturely. Sometimes social media can help us air our emotions, but don’t use your entire social media presence as a way to get revenge.

You’ll get mad if you get blocked first.

He might defriend you first, and it’ll make you feel even worse about the situation. If he initiated the breakup, at least you can initiate the defriending. It’s so minor but you’ll feel a little more in control of the situation.

Social media should be a positive experience.

You’re not going to like everything you see on your feed, but why not get rid of the ultimate downers right off the bat? Everything your ex posts will make you feel bad. Even if it’s a link to an inoffensive article, seeing his name might make you uncomfortable. Why torture yourself like that?

Blocking or defriending him will give you some closure.

It’s up to you what you decide to do, but removing him from your online life right now is a great way to get some closure. This chapter has ended, and the only way to move forward is not to dwell in the past or focus on a guy who broke your heart.

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