8 Things An Alpha Woman Has To Offer In A Relationship

An “alpha woman” is a strong, slightly intimidating woman who gives no f*cks about all the right things and lives her life to its fullest. Although hearing the word “alpha” in the dating world might cause some groans and frustrated sighs, true alpha women actually make great partners because they have a lot to offer in relationships.

  1. Stability. Alpha females aren’t moody, impossible-to-please drama queens. We’re even-tempered, logical people who don’t feel the need to be the center of attention. We have no problem handling conflicts when they arise, but we don’t create those issues ourselves and blow them out of proportion. Because of this, we make very stable partners. We like our lives to go as smoothly as possible, and we won’t complicate things for you.
  2. Loyalty. We’re fiercely loyal to our loved ones. Alpha women are never unfaithful to their partners because dishonesty is repulsive to us. If we make a commitment, we stick to it. We mean what we say and we’ll stay loyal to you no matter how far away you are. If we need to end things, we’ll do that. We won’t sneak around like rabid raccoons digging through trash cans.
  3. Straightforward answers. No more of that insufferable, “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” BS. If you ask us where we want to eat or what movie we want to see, we’ll tell you. We know that you’re not just inquiring out of politeness and we’re fully aware that you actually care what we think. If something is wrong, we won’t dance around it for weeks while tension builds — we’ll just say it. We’re problem solvers, and we’d rather seek solutions than sit around and let things fester.
  4. An open mind. We like routine for the sake of organization, but we’re never against trying new things. We enjoy adventure and going on epic quests. Life will never be stale when an adventurous badass with boobs is around. And we’ll never shut you down when you know more about a certain topic than we do. We have no problem sitting back and learning from you.
  5. 24/7 support. Because we’re strong on our own, we will have a lot of energy left over to help you when you need it most. We alpha women won’t stand off to the side while you struggle. We’ll slap our hazmat suit on and jump right into the mess with you and help dig you out, no matter how deep of a brown mess you’re in.
  6. Glowing confidence. We genuinely like ourselves and our egos are fine. We won’t ask you if you think we’re fat and we definitely won’t sulk if another girl hits on you at the bar. We’ll probably sit there and agree with her while she tells you that you’re hot. Because you are.
  7. Humor. We have our act together and we’re a force to be reckoned with, but that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to fart jokes and teasing. We don’t take ourselves too seriously—we like laughing until our facial muscles burn and we’re on the brink of a ruptured aneurysm. A sense of humor is a necessity in life and we enjoy using it to its fullest extent.
  8. Equal contributions. We want to provide for you as much as you provide for us because you should feel safe and loved too. We strive to match your ambition, not stand on the sidelines while you do all of the work. Alpha women have no problem picking up the tab, taking you on dates, or making suggestions. In fact, we insist on doing those things.
Lauren Clark is a writer and news curator based in Denver, Colorado with bylines here on Bolde and at Inside.com. While she’s vehemently anti-social media, you can find her on LinkedIn.