We all know that actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to sexual tension. But sometimes it can be hard to tell how interested a guy really is. It would be nice if he’d just make the first move, but sometimes you get tired of waiting. If he’s already pitched a tent in his pants, that’s a pretty good indication that he wants you, sure. But short of an obvious hard-on, how can you be sure you aren’t going to get rejected?

His pupils dilate.

If you’re close enough to see the black parts of his eyes get huge, then you’re probably close enough kiss him, so what are you waiting for?

He maintains eye contact.

If he isn’t afraid to break that intense stare you’ve got going, there’s no doubt – he wants you to know that he’s interested. It’s time take your move.

He gets in your personal space.

You know when you notice he’s standing just a little bit closer than is socially acceptable? That’s probably not an accident.

He stands with his feet and torso pointing towards you.

Even if he isn’t talking directly to you, if he angles his body in your direction, he’s subconsciously telling you that he likes you.

He mirrors your body language.

If he is unconsciously copying your hand gestures, you’re probably connected through some kind of alien master brain. Or he just really likes you.

He seems jittery or nervous.

If he’s usually the confident type but he starts stuttering when he gets around you, congratulations! You officially scare the crap out of him. In a sexy way.

He adjusts his clothes or smooths his hair a lot.

You arrive, and he’s suddenly concerned with how he looks. You should let him know that you think that little piece of hair that’s always sticking up is actually really cute.

He’s protective over you.

If he throws his entire body in front of yours when a car backfires, get with that guy.

He keeps putting his hands in his pockets, or in the general vicinity of his crotch.

He either has some kind of rash, or he’s trying to draw your attention to his package. There’s only one reason for that.

He licks his lips.

It could just be that his lips are dry, but if he keeps doing it, he’s subconsciously trying to draw your attention to his lips. He might also keep glancing down at your mouth, signalling that he’s just waiting for the moment he can kiss you.

He talks with his hands.

If you’re chatting with a guy and he uses a lot of big hand gestures, that indicates he’s passionate about what he’s saying and he wants to convey that to you. It could also suggest he is good with his hands… wink wink.

He takes every opportunity to touch you.

When he can’t keep his hands off you, he officially no longer cares about being subtle, if he ever did in the first place. Make those touches count.

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