He Sucked My Toes In Bed & Now It’s My Favorite Foreplay

I’m no stranger to sexual experimentation, but I was definitely caught off guard when my boyfriend sucked my toes one night when we were in bed. There was no warning for it and it wasn’t something we’d ever discussed. Surprisingly, it’s become a foreplay favorite and I’d totally recommend it.

  1. Trying new things in bed keeps sex from becoming boring. This is pretty obvious and yet we’re all guilty of getting ourselves into a sexual rut. If you know what you like and what gets you off, why meddle with the perfect recipe, right? Wrong! No matter how much I love pizza, I don’t want to eat it every night (I mean, I’d eat it most nights, but not every night). Mixing it up keeps our sex life fresh and exciting, which is fundamental in a long-term relationship. We always go back to old faithful if the new stuff doesn’t work, but getting my toes sucked totally did.
  2. It doesn’t sound sexy but believe me, it is. No matter how seductively my boyfriend asked, if he’d vocalized the desire to suck my toes, the answer would have definitely been a resounding “nope!” That’s probably why he didn’t ask! The thought of someone sucking your toes doesn’t sound that appealing or even something that would achieve pleasure, but it turns out it’s actually really great! I don’t really get why it feels so good but I don’t need to—I just know I want him to do it more often.
  3. Ignoring non-sexual parts of the body during foreplay means missing out on some unexpected erogenous zones. We know where the sweet spots on the body are located, but they become a lot sweeter if the buildup is greater. After all, that’s what foreplay is for. Sex without foreplay isn’t that enjoyable for most women. Most of us need our partners to help get in the mood, whether that’s through kisses on the neck, a cheeky bite on the butt, or as it turns out for me, a good suck on the toes!
  4. It makes me feel really close to him. If a guy is willing to suck your toes, even after they’ve been suffocated in socks all day, he’s seriously attracted to you (unless he’s doing it because he has a foot fetish, but let’s not go there). It tells me that he loves every part of me and nothing about my body is gross, offputting, or out of bounds. I love that! Simply knowing this is such a turn-on and it brings us closer together in every aspect of our relationship.
  5. It heightens all my other senses. There’s definitely something to be said for being touched everywhere except where you crave the most! When he pays more attention to my fingers and toes than he does to the more obvious areas, it only makes me want him more. When he finally does get down to business, it feels so much more intense and ultimately leads to better, longer-lasting orgasms.
  6. It makes me feel dirty in a great way. Sometimes we like things that defy explanation, and toe-sucking seems to be it for me. It’s like a taboo, something I think in the back of my head I shouldn’t be doing, something very naughty. I know that it’s just a toe in reality but considering how strange of a sexual act it seems to be to many, it turns me on even more.
  7. My partner looks really hot from that angle. Not every sexual position is flattering or even all that sexy. I’ve made my way through a Kama Sutra book and trust me when I say that the shapes my partner and I have thrown haven’t always been the most attractive. Still, having him bend my leg at that delicate obtuse angle and lean slightly over me is certainly a winner in my book. Besides, both of us get to look each other in the eye, something that’s very important for intimacy and communication in bed.
  8. My feet always look amazing these days. To say I’ve neglected my feet over the years is an understatement. I started wearing heels far too young, I let the calluses on my soles build up, and my toenails were more cuticle than nail. No longer! Now that I know my tootsies are getting some extra attention, I’ve made the time to give them some much-needed TLC. From here on in, it’s all about foot scrubs, pedicures, and a great pair of moisturizing socks for me! What better motivation is there to look after your feet?!
  9. All this being said, I doubt I’d ever reciprocate. While I love that my boyfriend is happy to chow down on my digits, I don’t think I’ll be returning the favor anytime soon. It sounds unfair, but seriously, his hairy toes and raptor claws can stay as far away from my lips as possible!

How my perspective has changed since my boyfriend sucked my toes

After he put my feet in his mouth, I had a bit of an epiphany when it comes to sex.

  1. I thought I was open-minded but I really wasn’t. I was always down for experimenting with different positions and thought that meant that I was really on the cutting edge of sexuality. However, it wasn’t until my boyfriend sucked my toes that I realized I wasnt going that far out of the box.
  2. Sometimes you just need to try things. There are some things I feel like I would never like in bed, so much so that I would just never go there to begin with. However, this experience has made me realize that sometimes you just have to try new things to really see how you feel about them. If I do something I really don’t like, I never have to do it again, but at least I gave it a go.
  3. My boyfriend is pretty wild. Most men won’t just pick up a woman’s foot and start sucking it and I never would have expected him to do it. He totally took me by surprise and showed me a different side of himself that I never would have imagined existed. It actually gave me a new-found appreciation for him and made me see him in a whole new light. Needless to say, things have been hot and heavy in the bedroom ever since.
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