I’m Clingy AF When I’m In Love & I’m Proud Of It

I live for good morning texts, I love PDA, I hate goodbyes and I’m terrible at waiting for my phone to ring — that’s right, I’m a clingy girlfriend, and dammit, I’m proud. To most people, being clingy AF sounds like the #1 item on a list of the top ten reasons why no one will ever wife me — but you know what? Screw ’em. I’m unashamed of my clingy-girl tendencies because as far as I’m concerned, there’s never been anything wrong with them to begin with.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with my partner. Yeah, I kind of always want to hang out — because if I’m fun, and you’re fun, and we’re in love with each other and there’s nothing better to do, then why the hell not? When I like spending time with someone, I’m up front about it. I’m not about to feel ashamed for enjoying being around the person that I love — because as far as I’m concerned, that’s kind of what love is all about.

I’m not about to martyr myself just because someone thinks I should. I’m a high-maintenance gal when it comes to love, and that’s okay. Knowing your emotional needs and being unafraid to share them with the person that you love is part of having a healthy, mature relationship! I know that sometimes I expect more than most, but I’m not going to starve myself for affection just to avoid a dumb label like “clingy” that doesn’t mean anything to me anyway.

When my partner is truly into me, they don’t mind. When you’re actually in love with someone, “clingy” just becomes another word. I’ve been too much for people before — but all that told me was that they just weren’t the right people for me. Having a partner who loves me for me — and not for how well I’m able to restrain myself around them — means that clingy or not, it doesn’t matter.

Some people see clinginess as totally desirable. Want someone who’s prepared to dole out affection and emotional validation at the drop of a hat? Date a clingy girl — we’re pretty much always psyched to be around you. While some people avoid clingy partners like the plague, others see us for what we are: enduring systems of  consistent affection and emotional support.

When I care about someone, they don’t have to guess about it. People don’t have to worry about me playing games with their hearts — for one, I’d be bad at it, and for another, I wouldn’t know how. My clinginess comes with transparency. No one ever has to guess whether or not I want to be around them — because I make it so obvious, they can’t help but know.

My clinginess comes with some positive bedmates. There are people who write off clinginess as a sign of emotional dependency, something that will tie them down and hold them back. In reality, my deep sense of attachment when I love someone is a product of passion, enthusiasm and loyalty — and who doesn’t want a passionate girlfriend? A girlfriend who loves them enthusiastically? I’m not just clingy — in love, I’m an asset!

I’m confident in what I want. I don’t just go throwing myself at anyone — because that would be insane. But when I know that I’m all-in with someone, I’m confident enough about it that investing my time and energy into them seems obvious. My love isn’t wishy-washy, and my actions serve as a testament to that.

I’m not afraid to put myself out there. Relationship staples like keeping your partner at a distance out of fear of getting hurt, waiting three days after a date to call them or holding out for hours before texting them back just don’t fly with me. When I know I’m into someone, I’m fearless about letting them know it — and if they write it off as clingy, then they’re welcome to go back to playing games with more reserved girls. Their loss!

Life is too short not to love intensely. I don’t want to waste my life holding myself back from anything, especially not love. My attentions might come off as clingy, but they come from a place of sheer, unbridled affection. Always waiting around for the right moment to hang out or call or respond to a message seems like such a waste of time — time that we could spend being madly in love with each other instead.

This is just how I do relationships — and that’s okay. Everyone relationships differently. I relationship hard. Whirlwind romance, affectionate intensity and passionate attachment are my bread and butter — and while it’s not for everyone, it’s definitely what I want for me. Other people might have time to sit around waiting for a phone call — I’ll be driving over to their house and tossing pebbles at their bedroom window. Clingy and proud!

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