Drunk-Texting: 6 Reasons It’s a Total Turn Off

We’ve all been there. You wake up the morning after a wild night with a pounding headache and a pit in your stomach — you did something the night before you’re totally going to regret.

It’s an awful feeling. And nine times out of ten, that feeling derives from an already sent, too-late-to-undo drunken text message.

Unfortunately, alcohol often convinces us women that texting a guy we’re interested in is a really good idea. But even a seemingly cavalier drunk text can have an effect on how a guy feels towards us — and not in a good way.

Here are 6 reasons guys are totally turned off by drunken text messages and why you should NEVER send them:

He’ll assume you’re thinking about him.

When you’re out, surrounded by alcohol, friends, and fun, the last thing you should be focused on is a guy who isn’t there with you. If he is heavily on your mind, do you really want him to know that?? Of course not. That’ll get you nowhere. So don’t pull out your phone and text him.

Desperation isn’t cute. 

Let’s turn the tables – what do you think when a guy drunk-texts you? He must be desperate, right? If a guy seems overly eager, like when he’s drunk-texting, we assume he has zero other options. Basically, we assume he’s desperate and that’s why he’s clinging on to us for dear life. This instantly turns us off so, Ladies, why do we assume it’s different when we’re the ones doing the texting?

You shut down an opportunity to create mystery and even a little jealousy.

You’re cute and guys know it.  So he’ll assume that when you’re in a social setting, you’re going to get hit on and talk to other guys. This is a good thing — it’s what keeps guys on their toes! When they feel the slightest bit threatened, it increases their desire for you. Drunk-texting, on the other hand, conveys the message, sure, there are other guys here but I’m so into you that I don’t care about them – I’d rather sit here in the corner like an antisocial freak and text you. 

You’re exhibiting a lack of self-control.

We do a lot of things while under the influence of alcohol that we typically wouldn’t do sober. This is because drinking hinders our ability to make clear decisions. If you’re texting things you typically wouldn’t say while sober, he’s going to assume you aren’t fully in control of yourself and your actions. Major turn off.

It kills the chase.

 The chase is over and you’ve come in last place. Guys enjoy the thrill of knowing you’re somewhat, but not 100% interested, making it their mission to get you hooked. A drunken text is the clearest way to let a guy know that he has your full interest and that any further work on his end is unnecessary. You’re now a fish on his line. (This is typically about the time he’ll get bored and see what other fish are out there).

He’ll wonder what happened to that strong, independent woman he was initially attracted to. 

Men like women who have a strong sense of self and don’t seem to need a guy in their life to be happy. And while being independent is really attractive, the opposite isn’t – show a guy you’re clingy and focused on him and, within seconds, he’s no longer intrigued.

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