A Guy Reveals What The Term “Girlfriend Material” Means To Guys

“Girlfriend material” is a phrase that gets thrown out there in the dating world all the time but what doe sit really mean? Obviously, different guys have different ideas of what makes a woman a catch, but there are some common traits we look for when dating.

You get along with our friends. Not everyone is going to be best friends—that’s just human nature. However, there are a lot of guys who are reluctant to give the girlfriend label to someone who can’t get along with their friends. It’s important to note the difference between tolerating a night with your boyfriend’s friends and actually enjoying hanging out with them. The latter is more apt to be girlfriend material.

You have a sense of humor. This should be obvious but it must be stated. If you can’t laugh and enjoy yourself around someone, what’s the point? This doesn’t mean the two of you need to have an identical sense of humor, but a girl needs to be willing to laugh with us and not be so uptight if they want to be girlfriend material.

You’re willing to commit long-term. Girlfriend is not a temporary job; it’s for the long haul. Guys need to get the sense right away that you’re at least open to committing to something long-term. Yes, some of us are notorious game players as well, but a guy who’s looking for a woman who’s girlfriend material won’t be playing games. Instead, he’ll let it be known that he’s looking for the real thing.

You trust us. There can’t be a relationship without trust. Most guys aren’t pinning the girlfriend label on someone who doesn’t show this very basic investment. If you’re someone who’s always expecting the worst from a guy, giving him the third degree, or checking the texts on his phone, you’re probably not the kind of girlfriend he wants.

You’re our friend too. This will sound corny, but you can’t spell girlfriend without the word friend. That doesn’t make things platonic, but sometimes being a girlfriend means getting along and being comfortable around each other as if the two of you are old friends. Guys don’t want to be uptight or pressured to be on their best behavior. They want a girlfriend who’s comfortable to be around as if they’ve known each other forever.

You’re comfortable with yourself. Insecurity is almost always a complete turn-off. Guys don’t want a girlfriend who’s constantly worried about her appearance and asking them to reassure her. If a guy is dating you, trust that he approves of the way you look. A girl who’s comfortable with herself and doesn’t obsess over her appearance definitely has the potential to become girlfriend material because that comfort and confidence in herself is sexy.

You’re independent. There’s a fine line between spending a lot of time with each other and being too clingy. A great girlfriend will have a life outside the relationship because that’s part of what makes you interesting. Yes, we guys want to spend time with our girlfriends, but being too needy or dependent on the relationship is not a good look.

You surprise us. Someone who is always finding ways to keep life exciting and just a little unpredictable is definitely girlfriend material. Of course, it’s also on us guys to bring you some pleasant surprises too. That being said, a girl who’s proactive in trying to surprise us will not only make for a great girlfriend, but she’ll also encourage us to match or one-up her surprises with some of our own.

You’re authentic. I’m sure you ladies can do this as well, but guys can usually tell when you’re being phony or superficial. Spoiler alert, that kind of person definitely isn’t girlfriend material. Most of us guys just want you to be yourself. We don’t want you going out of your way to be someone you’re not because then we end up in a relationship with the wrong person. Just be real with us.

You’re easy to talk to. Of course, physical attraction is important when us guys look for a long-term girlfriend, but it’s equally important (perhaps more important) that we feel comfortable talking to you. You should be interesting to talk to and also willing to open up, and obviously the same goes for us guys. If having a conversation feels like work, you’re probably not going to be girlfriend material. We guys may be guilty of liking a pretty face, but we also need someone that’s easy to talk to.

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