My Oral Sex Horror Story — I Was Mortified When…

What started off as amazing sex after a perfect date ended in my own bloody horror story. This sounds like an urban legend, but unfortunately, it’s very real.

I knew I’d be sleeping with him for the first time that night. Let me set the scene for you. It was around our fourth proper date but we’d met each other a few more times before that in a group. He took me out for dinner and I knew when he picked me up that we’d be going back to his place that night. My hairy bits were shaved and I was good to go!

When we got hot and heavy, I started noticing something strange… We’d been going crazy on each other for about 20 minutes and there was only a little light from the street coming through the drapes. As we moved positions, I thought I saw some streak-like marks on his thighs. Not wanting to pry, I just presumed it was a birthmark and thought no more about it.

The sex didn’t feel that rough, so what was up? I was really physically attracted to this guy, which was lucky for him since it turned out there wasn’t much inside that brain of his. His body, however, was a serious 10 out of 10! We were having that kind of sex where you just can’t keep your hands off each other but it didn’t feel rough at all; in fact, if anything, it was rather tender. He was considerably bigger down there than I was used to but nothing was forced and it all felt good, so I had no cause for concern.

He went down on me and came up like a vampire. It all took a turn for the worse when he went down on me and came up with a bloodstained mouth. Yeah, seriously. I knew it had to have come from me, but I had no idea how to tell this relatively new guy in my life that his teeth were now a shade of crimson and that red lipstick really wasn’t his color. He didn’t seem to notice and so it was all up to me to break the bloody news to him. I was beyond mortified.

There was no pain whatsoever, so I knew I wasn’t injured. The weird thing was that there was no pain that went along with the blood. No warning signs, no rough play. I didn’t have any clue about what had happened and I could only presume it had come from me.

The bed linen was all white, then all red. As I pulled back the duvet and he turned on the light, the crisp clean and white bedclothes were now covered in bright red blood and our bodies were covered in hundreds of red rakes. I didn’t know the protocol for this kind of situation. Was I supposed to buy him new sheets? Would we be able to come back from this? I felt like going MIA and never looking back, but he lived in the middle of nowhere and he drove. I was trapped!

I felt I had to prove I wasn’t on my period or a virgin. My birth control method means I rarely get a period, and any time I do, I always get stomach pains at least one day before bleeding. I knew it wasn’t my period, but I was more terrified that he would think it was and that I’d decided to go ahead with sex without telling him first. The virgin thing was definitely my own insecurity but that didn’t make it any less real. I lost my virginity pretty late and he was only the second time I’d had sex. I’m sure he thought my cherry had been popped long ago. The fact that I didn’t bleed the first time made me think it might be a delayed reaction. I know that’s not a thing, but his whole bedroom was covered in my blood, I was grasping at straws guys.

He was honestly a real gent about it. He’s an ex for a reason but I have to give it to him—he handled the situation like a true gentleman. He wasn’t squeamish or pissed about his sheets, his only concern was for me and why I might be bleeding. I imagine most guys would have freaked out, so kudos to him for staying so calm and not being grossed out by it.

I have no idea what happened or how to prevent it. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened since, so I don’t think it’s something I need to see the doctor about. What’s more bizarre is that I still have no idea how or why it happened, nor how to prevent it from happening again! It was an awful experience and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but equally, if it happens to you, you’re probably not dying, so don’t panic!

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