The Right Guy Will Push You To Be The Most Amazing Version Of Yourself—My Relationship Is Proof

It’s totally true that a connection with the right person can totally change your attitude, your motivation and even your character. A healthy relationship will constantly challenge both of you to be better people and grow as a team. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up being your own #RelationshipGoals! That’s definitely been the case for me.

HE KNOWS ALL OF MY WEAKNESSES. I don’t hide anything from him. He knows that I’m lazy in the morning, I’m an awful procrastinator and I can be super impatient. He’s seen me on my worst days when my bad qualities are out in full swing, but he doesn’t run away from them. He chose me, good and bad, and helps me take those weaknesses head on.

HE HELPS ME BRING OUT MY STRENGTHS. Even though he knows everything that sucks about me, he also knows everything that makes me great and helps me put my best foot forward. He’s proud of me for what I accomplish and is always looking for ways to help bring out the best version of the girl he loves. He always cheers me on and helps encourage me to use my strengths to better myself.

HE’S NOT AFRAID TO BE TOUGH ON ME. He knows that tough love is necessary and he’s not afraid to dish it out. If I’m being difficult, he’ll let me know. If I need an attitude check, he’s the first one there to make sure I get set straight. But the cool thing is, he does it with love and only does it to help me break off those bad habits. He’s also cool with me doing the same for him.

HE WANTS TO SEE ME AT MY BEST. He’s listened to me talk about my goals and dreams a thousand times, and he wants to help me get to a place where I’m living them. He sees my vision and is always trying to help push me in the right direction. He wants to see me succeed and doesn’t let me get away with being average or give up on what I’m doing. Even when I fail, he’s there with a helping hand to pull me back up on the right path.

HE STILL LOVES ME AT MY WORST. He’s seen my absolute worst days and knows what it really looks like when I just break down. He has real compassion for me and doesn’t just brush off my bad days as just “being a woman.” He doesn’t roll his eyes and call me emotional. Instead, he helps me realize my feelings and move on. Even when I’m not fulfilling the role of a total dream girl, he’s in my corner and down for me always which is all any girl could ask for.

HE HOLDS ME ACCOUNTABLE. He gives me opportunities to always be better and encourages me to set the bar higher all the time. If I want to work out, he’ll get out of bed with me to push me forward. If I want to slack off from my responsibilities, he’s there to remind me why I’m working so hard. I have a constant source of encouragement and motivation that gives me no choice but to follow through with my plans for myself.

HE KNOWS HOW TO MOTIVATE ME. He knows what makes me tick and can see when I feel uninspired. He always has the right thing to say that helps me get going and keeps my motivation strong all day long. Growing together is a huge priority for us, so he’s invested in helping me get up and achieve those goals.

WE’RE TOTAL OPPOSITES. It’s totally true that opposites attract, and I don’t think it’s just coincidence. My strengths are his weaknesses and it just so happens that his strengths are my weaknesses. We compliment each other and grow in the areas that the other thrives in. We basically just feed on each other’s energy and come out stronger all the time. It’s so helpful to have someone around with a different perspective who helps you see yourself in a different light.

HIS GOOD QUALITIES RUB OFF ON ME. Seeing how great he is at the things I’m not is a constant reminder that I want to work on those qualities. What more could you ask for than a living example of the kind of person you want to be, standing in front of you every day. He helps me to be consistent, hard working and patient every day, even without saying anything.

WE GROW TOGETHER. The tell tale sign that your relationship is going somewhere is that you’re growing together. You’re both constantly learning, changing and striving to be better people than the day before. You’re setting goals for yourself and your relationship that make you stronger and help you become a better team. There really isn’t an experience like watching the person you love grow into an awesome person while they help you do the same.

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