What Do Men Think About When They Like A Woman?

You’d probably go to great lengths in order to know exactly what guys are thinking, right? Instead of all the guesswork, think of how much less stressful it would be to have it all spelled out for you in clear terms. That’s not possible, sadly, but here’s some insight on what men think about when they like a woman and how they feel. It should shed some light on what’s usually a very hush-hush situation.

What men think about when they like a woman

  1. Her and nothing but her Typically, the first step in liking someone is getting totally infatuated with them. Infatuation can hit guys hard, probably harder than most women realize. It’s actually rather easy for a guy to get totally hung up on a woman he develops feelings for. Of course, since men are visual creatures and tend to be a little shallow, that infatuation is all about how she looks. Our heads are full of daydreams about her all day, every day, especially if we find her incredibly beautiful. It’s shocking how often guys think about a woman we like.
  2. What she’s really like Of course, even shallow guys will start to move past a woman’s looks sooner or later. At some point, we start to wonder what a woman is like beyond her physical beauty. The problem here is that because guys fall for looks first, we start to like a woman before we really get to know what she’s like under the surface. We might start to think about the qualities we wish she had, almost idealizing her a little bit before getting to know her better.
  3. Ways to get her attention Most of the time, guys aren’t content just daydreaming about a woman, although that can be nice for a little while. Eventually, we want to find a way to get the attention of the person we like. Perhaps we just saw someone from across the room who doesn’t know we exist. But even if we’re acquainted with the woman we like, it doesn’t mean she likes us back. That leads us to spend a lot of time thinking about what we can say or do to get her attention with the hope of getting her to like us too.
  4. Gift or gesture ideas Guys aren’t always subtle about things when we really like someone. Usually, the best way to show someone you like them is to give them a gift. Of course, gift-giving is usually easier said than done for most men. We really want to impress you and give you something that you’ll like. This isn’t always easy to do, which is why we often dedicate a lot of our attention to picking out a present or thinking up a gesture that would be meaningful.
  5. Reciprocated feelings I have a feeling this applies to women as well. After all, when you like someone, you’re dying to discover if they might like you back. Also, the fear of rejection can be quite powerful and occupy much of a guy’s thoughts. Obviously, men who are more confident don’t spend too much time worrying about whether or not someone likes them back. However, there are plenty of us who are a little more insecure and spend a lot of time hoping the woman we like feels the same.
  6. Her girlfriend potential Let’s be clear, there is a difference between liking someone and wanting to make them your girlfriend. Also, liking someone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to get serious. As I said, a guy’s initial feelings about a woman are primarily based on what she looks like. We’re still not sure if we want a girlfriend or if she’ll be girlfriend material. Of course, the more we get to know someone we like, the more we begin to contemplate whether or not she would be a good girlfriend.
  7. What a future together looks like Guys usually don’t want to invest that much time with someone unless we can picture some kind of future together. This is true even when we only first start to develop a crush on a woman. We spend a lot of time pondering what things would look like if we actually started dating and things got serious. It doesn’t mean we’re going to stop liking you if we can’t envision a future together right away, but it could make us want something more casual regardless of how much we like her.
  8. What she looks like naked Yes, men are crass and a little pervy, so exactly what a woman would look like without clothes on will be something most men think about quite a lot. In fairness, it’s only natural to think about wanting to sleep with someone when you like them. It’s just that men typically get to this point a little faster than women.

What do men actually feel when they like a woman?

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  1. Excitement When guys actually meet a woman we like, excitement is one of the predominant things we feel. It’s always an exciting prospect when an attractive woman crosses our path. We start to get carried away in our heads with what she might be like and whether or not she might like us back. Yes, guys do this too, ladies.
  2. Anticipation A guy who likes a woman will want things to move forward. He wants to actually date her and get to know her. So, he’ll be anxious about what’s going to happen and curious. Just like you ladies get excited when you have a crush, we do too. We can envision what it would be like to make her ours.
  3. Intrigue If we like someone, it’s because she intrigues us in some way. There’s something mysterious about her that we want to unwrap. We want to know everything about her. What is she really like under the surface? Would she make a good girlfriend? Our interest is piqued.
  4. Nervousness No matter how confident a guy appears, he’s still going to feel nervous. What if the woman he likes doesn’t feel the same? Even making a move to express our interest is enough to make most men feel on edge. Hopefully, she likes us back and we can relax.
  5. Annoyance If we like playing the field and staying unattached, it can be kind of annoying to realize we actually really like a woman. Liking someone means being vulnerable, and that can be tough. It’s not that we don’t want to open ourselves up. We just don’t want to get hurt.
  6. Horniness Sorry, ladies, it had to be said. If we like a woman, there’s going to be a time when we think about having sex with her. It’s just how things go. We can’t help but think how sexy she is and how much we’d like to get her undressed. We might even fantasize about what it would be like. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to experience it.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.