3 Types of Guys — Bad, Decent, Amazing — and How To Tell Them Apart

Guys can be hard to read but if you pay attention, you can figure out their deal pretty fast — while there are exceptions, good guys generally behave like good guys and bad guys raise red flags.

Wondering if you’re dealing with a bad guy (aka a douchebag) you should run from, a decent guy you should give a chance to, or an AMAZING guy who could end up being the one? Here are some differences in behavior:

1. When you first meet and there’s some chemistry:

The douchebag is all about getting in your panties that night.

The decent guy would be happy to get in your panties that night but that’s not his goal — he also thinks you’re kinda cool.

The amazing guy probably wants to get in your panties but he’s really into you and won’t risk messing things up — he’ll take your number, and text you to make a plan.

2. After you first hook up:

The douchebag will be out the door, might send a pointless text or two, and then disappear (until he’s horny again, of course).

The decent guy might bounce but he’ll text you something halfway meaningful later (like saying he wants to hang out again)

The amazing guy will linger in bed with you and, if he can, he’ll even take you to breakfast.

3. When it comes to making plans:

The douchebag doesn’t make plans — he just pops up like whack-a-mole, usually late at night.

The decent guy lets plans happen naturally, as you text each other.

The amazing guy will text you to see if you’re free on a certain day — he’s doesn’t take anything for granted.

4. What it’s like to hang out:

The douchebag doesn’t hang out (unless hooking up is involved).

The decent guy is easy to hang out with it — he kinda likes having you around.

The amazing guy creates opportunities to hang out with you and makes you feel like there’s no place he’d rather be.

5. The way he is with you in front of his friends:

The douchebag treats you like any other girl.

The decent guy treats you respectfully.

The amazing guy makes it clear you’re his girl.

6. When you text him and he’s busy:

The douchebag will blow you off.

The decent guy might blow you off but he’ll apologize if you call him out.

The amazing guy will spend the 5 seconds it takes to reply, “Busy but will call you later.”

7. When you want to talk about the relationship and what you need:

The douchebag will shut you up.

The decent guy might groan but he’ll listen.

The amazing guy will actually engage in the conversation, even though he probably doesn’t want to have it.

8. When you tell him he’s doing something that’s not cool (like always being late): 

The douchebag will get defensive and act like you’re the one with the problem.

The decent guy will try to do better (but you might have to ask a few times).

The amazing guy will do better.

9. When it comes to the energy he brings to your life: 

The douchebage makes you insane.

The decent guy keeps you comfortable.

The amazing guy makes you feel happy and secure.

10. When it comes to sex:

The douchebag has sex with you.

The decent guy sleeps with you.

The amazing guy makes love to you.

11. How he behaves with other women:

The douchebag will flirt with other women.

The decent guy might furtively look at another woman but he wouldn’t do anything.

The amazing guy will focus on you.

12. What it comes to taking things to the next level:

The douchebag doesn’t want to change anything — he just wants a hookup buddy.

The decent guy seems to  towards relationship territory.

The amazing guy is there.

13. Once you’ve been together for a while:

The douchebag stops trying.

The decent guy might take you for granted a bit, but he also makes some effort.

The amazing guy appreciates you more and more with time.

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