8 Signs You’re Way Too Good For Him

He’d rather hang out with his friends than you. He gives you a hard time for being too serious about work. He considers it “clingy” when you want to spend time with him. Is it really because you’re too uptight or needy? The truth? Probably not. There’s a good chance that you and your partner’s priorities are amiss because you’re more mature, motivated and selfless than he is. If some of these signs describe your S.O., it may be time to move on. You’re too good for him, and you deserve someone better.

He’s your first priority, but you’re not his. In healthy long-term relationships, each person’s proverbial priority list should have their partner’s name pretty darn close to the top. If you make a conscious effort every day to make your boyfriend happy but he goes through life caring first and foremost about himself, he doesn’t deserve you. You’re giving your all, and you deserve someone who does the same for you.

He’d prefer time with his buddies over time with you. Does he hang out with with the guys more than you, or consider your “quality time” together to be you tagging along with him and his drinking buddies? Don’t put up with that crap. There’s a guy out there who wants to spend time with you. Just you.

You make and keep plans but he doesn’t. Your one-on-one time is important to you, and should be to him too. If he can’t stick to a plan — or worse, ditches you — move on, sister. You can do better than that.

You pay for everything. Now, I’m a modern woman. There’s nothing wrong with treating your guy or splitting the check. But if you’re picking up the tab more often than not, this indicates two things: he’s not putting forth any effort to impress you and he’s not being fair about finances, which is just plain disrespectful. You shouldn’t have to fund all the excursions with your hard-earned money. NEXT!

You always answer his messages but he ignores yours. Even if it’s not immediate, you always get back to him so he knows he’s important to you. And when he routinely doesn’t respond to you, take it for what it is: you’re not important enough to him to put in the effort. Screw that.

His idea of a relationship is “friends with benefits.” You’re wondering where this is going, but he says he “doesn’t want to ruin things” by rushing them. If you’ve been dating or hooking up for some time and he doesn’t want things to progress (but you do), it’s time to find something more promising than a stagnant relationship.

You don’t always need to get wasted to have a good time, but he does. It’s fun to drink and even get drunk sometimes, but if that’s all he wants to do, while you’d rather hike, sightsee or check out a new tapas restaurant, you’ve eclipsed his level of maturity. Time to move on to something better.

Your career goals far surpass his. Do you have dreams of climbing the career ladder while he’d rather be… stuck? Your aspirations to make yourself a success are admirable and should be matched by your partner. Don’t let his lack of motivation drag you down. You should be with someone who always inspires you to accomplish bigger, better things.

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