Do You Avoid These 9 Types of Guys? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Ask a woman what she wants in a man and she might say tall, dark, handsome and rich. It’s a nice dream, but give me personality wrapped in a sexy outer layer and I’m just as happy. While many women are out hunting the perfect guy, they completely overlook all the right types. Here’s a newsflash: the bad boy is just that – a boy. He doesn’t grow up. He might look good, but just like that little black dress that no longer fits you, you’ll outgrow him quickly. Try broadening your horizons with these nine types of guys most women avoid.

Tech geeks. 

I get so sick of hearing women shoot down a guy simply because he’s good with computers. How much do you know about troubleshooting why your tablet suddenly stopped working or how to save all your selfies when you smash your phone? As a tech geek myself, I find this extremely offensive. Contrary to popular belief, tech geeks aren’t creepy guys living in their mom’s basement. Okay, so a few are, but most aren’t. They’re intelligent, dedicated and usually have high paying jobs. What’s not to love?

Band geeks. 

I’m not sure why there’s some rule against dating band geeks, even after high school is over. Guess what? You’re not the popular girl in high school anymore. Did you ever stop to think that band geeks have to be good with their hands and mouths? They also have great rhythm. Do I really need to say anymore here? Embrace the band geek and hang on for the ride of your life.

Shy guys

. Of all the guys most women avoid, shy guys probably top the list. The reason is women often feel unwanted by them. The guy is shy. It doesn’t mean he’s not in to you. It just means he’s intimidated by how incredible you are. This is a guy who thinks you’re amazing before he’s even gotten to know you. Imagine how well this guy would treat you. You could opt for the idiot showing off his biceps and wanting a trophy girl or you could have some fun getting the shy guy to open up.

Smart guys

Intelligence isn’t something to run away from. I actually prefer a guy who can manage to have a real conversation without me having to explain every little word. I find a man with brains to be extremely sexy. Their only real fault is they often get caught up in their work and hobbies. Become a part of their life and you’ll become their main focal point.

Big brother types

Some guys are just naturally caring. They want to take care of you, listen to your fears and help make your world better. Yet for some reason, women avoid these guys. They love having them as friends, but that’s it. They think of them as big brothers. Stop friend zoning these guys! They’re incredible. They actually give a damn about you, yet you’re too busy chasing all the wrong guys to see it. Give them a chance and you’ll never think of them as a big brother again.


I know might be strange to think of a guy reading, but it does happen. Women often avoid bookworms because they think they’re nerds. So what if they are? I’d much prefer a guy who can read than one who needs pictures to understand anything. Think of reading as a hobby. Do you really think guys care what Jennifer Aniston’s latest boyfriend looks like? No, but they still listen and like you. Whether you enjoy reading or not, these are just normal guys with a hobby. Listen to them, get to know them and stop judging a book by its proverbial cover already.


I’m not talking about extreme cheapskates who recycle their toilet paper – that’s just creepy and nasty. But guys who would rather save money for a nice house versus dropping hundreds on fancy dinners aren’t bad, they’re smart. You can have just as much fun eating burgers as going out for prime rib every night. These are the guys who can spoil you later because they’re intelligent enough to save up. Instead of spending money on you all the time, they prefer talking, touching and spending time in basking in your company.


Why in the hell are women so insulted because a guy opens a door for her? I don’t get it. He’s not trying to say women aren’t capable of opening doors; he’s being a gentleman. Actually, he just wants to watch you walk through the door, but it’s still nice. Gentlemen actually respect women. If you’re looking for equality, they’re most likely to respect that and treat you as an independent woman. Their chivalrous actions are just a way of showing they care. Give them a break and just enjoy the attention.

Guys who can’t be trained. 

Guys are not puppies – they’re not something you get and train. Yet many women avoid any guy that doesn’t seem easily trained. Do you really want a guy who wants to change you to be something you’re not? I didn’t think so. If a guy is so trainable, he’s not really ready to date. He needs to figure out who he is first. Believe me, he’ll resent you later and your happy, perfect love life will fall apart. Guys who are secure in who they are and refuse to be trained are the ones you want. You know what you’re getting up front and it’s a lot less work. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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