If He Doesn’t Love You The Way You Deserve To Be Loved, Walk Away

When you get stuck in a relationship rut, it can be hard to know if it’s worth sticking around or not… especially if you really love the person you’re dating. But sometimes, no matter how much you care about your partner, you start to see that they either don’t care about you the same way or don’t seem to be willing to put forth the effort to show it. It can be tempting to stay for the sake of comfort, but if you’re not receiving the same love you’re putting into the relationship, this is why you owe it to yourself to get out:

You’re too old for this crap.

I don’t care if you’re 16 or 56 — life is too short to spend it with someone who doesn’t treat you right. The right relationship will last a long time (possibly forever), and you don’t want to look back and realize that you spent all that time with some douchecanoe instead of someone who treated you with all the adoration you’re worthy of.

You can — and should — have standards.

Some people like to call women with standards “high maintenance,” but the truth is that we all SHOULD have standards as long as we hold ourselves to the same ones. If you’re the type of girl who goes out of her way to make her partner happy, it’s okay to expect the same from the person you’re dating. Settling for less isn’t fair to you.

There is someone out there who would love you better.

It’s easy to fall into a mentality that assumes that things can’t possibly get better than they already are, but trust me: if your man isn’t treating you right, you can absolutely find one who will. There is a guy out there who will make you his priority, who won’t hit on other girls behind your back, who will show you that you’re his world instead of just giving you an empty “love you” before you leave for work in the morning.

Being single is being better than being in an unworthy relationship.

Who says you have to be in a relationship at all in order to be happy? The prospect of being single after being in a relationship for so long can be scary, but it’s absolutely worth it. Sometimes, we need to focus on US and remind ourselves that self-love is just as fulfilling as being loved by someone else. Even if you feel a little lonely sometimes, it will be better than being in a relationship that makes you feel alone.

It will hurt less once you’re away from him.

It’s going to suck at first, and you’re going to want to text him and get back together. But the more time you spend apart from him, the less it’s going to hurt and the more you’re going to realize how much better life is when you’re not love-starved. It’s hard to see just how bad things are when you’re in the middle of it all, but once you step back and see it with new eyes, you’re going to realize that the way you were being treated wasn’t what you deserved.

Deep down, you know you deserve better.

Your head might be questioning if you should really expect more out of a relationship, but your gut will tell you everything you need to know. If something inside you is telling you that this isn’t what a good relationship should look and feel like, listen to it. Your expectations aren’t too high just because you want to be treated right.

You should never settle when it comes to love.

If you want to settle for a lackluster burrito or a so-so song on the radio, it’s cool— we can’t always get what we want, and making a big deal out of everything that doesn’t go our way is only going to stress us out more. But we should never settle for a crappy relationship. We’re CHOOSING to be with this person, and we should absolutely expect to receive the kind of love that we’re giving out.

He doesn’t deserve someone like you.

He might save kittens and babies for a living, but if he treats you like garbage, he is undeserving of a relationship with you. It’s possible for someone to be a great person, but a lousy partner, and it’s more than fine for you to recognize that you’re more than this guy deserves in a woman.

You have the ability to control this part of your future.

You can’t control it when your period decides to come a week early on the ONE DAY you decided to wear white pants, and you can’t force the train to un-break on the day of the most important job interview of your life. However, you CAN decide whether or not you’re going to stick with someone you know isn’t treating you right. The love you’ll have in your future is in your hands, and you owe it to yourself to take hold of the present and control it to create happiness for yourself a day or a decade down the road.

You’re not stuck-up for knowing your own value.

People just love to claim that women who have higher standards are conceited, but that’s just not true. You’re not a bitch for recognizing your own worth and what you bring to a relationship, and it’s not stuck-up to say that you’re not going to settle for someone who doesn’t love you the way you need to be loved. It just shows that you’re a confident woman who knows what you deserve in a relationship.

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