How To Get Him To Chase You — 8 Things To Remember

Chemistry and physical appearance may initially attract men to women, but when those wear off, us ladies have to be resourceful. Keeping a man’s interest in a world that makes them believe that they have way too many options and is overpopulated with girls baring all of their goodies on Instagram can be challenging, but it can be done. It you want to keep and peak his interest, here are 8 ways to make a guy want you bad. Trust me, they’re good.

Don’t be too available.

When a guy knows he can see a girl any time that’s convenient for him, it decreases any sense of urgency to hang out with her. If a guy thinks your social calendar is full, he’ll be much quicker to try to secure a slot for himself. The same goes for texting. If you’re always by your phone responding the minute he texts you, he will think you don’t have anything else to do. Men want something that they think other men want, too. Don’t play games, but play it cool. It’s okay to say yes to last minute plans on occasion but keep in mind, absence makes the heart grow fonder and desire burning.

Always leave him wanting more.

Don’t give away your whole life’s story on your first, second, or even third date. Build intrigue. Give him half of the most interesting facts and tidbits about your life on your first date and sprinkle the rest throughout subsequent dates. It’s like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for him to follow to your heart. Throw in something about that random internship you had in college or that you once were the CEO of your own LLC before your current job. If he feels like he knows everything about you, he probably won’t be chomping at the bit to book your next date.

Let him think he’s in charge.

Men don’t like to be bossed around or dominated. They want to be the alpha. That doesn’t mean you can’t be in charge, he just has to think he’s in charge. Find ways to drop subtle hints to get what you want. We all have a boss at work, guys don’t want to date one too. Keep in mind boss= loss of a guy’s interest.

Be a temptress, not trashy.

In the art of seduction, there’s a very fine line between provocative and p*rnographic. The trick to titillating is teasing. If you’re sending sexy texts to him, it’s better to allude to risqué acts instead of being explicit. In the clothing department, less isn’t always more. If you make his imagination work to figure out what you look like naked, chances are he’ll do anything to see if he was right.

Don’t complain.

Remember Chandler’s girlfriend Janice on Friends? She had that annoying nasal-y voice and always said, “Oh. My. God.” The second a woman starts to complain, that’s what a guy hears in his head. That annoying sound is comparable to nails scratching against a chalkboard and it seems like it’ll never end. Once you start to complain, it’s hard for him to remember that you’re a cool person that he wants to get to know better. The complaining runs on a loop in his brain and he’ll probably run the opposite direction of you.

Dress to impress.

People are attracted to people who take care of themselves. Taking care of yourself is a sign that you invest in yourself, which is attractive. You don’t need to spend your entire paycheck on designer duds, but you should make sure that your outfit fits will and is sans wrinkles. While you’re at it, make sure you’re maintaining your appearance. Shave your legs, file your nails, and please blow dry your hair. If you don’t make any effort to look nice for your date, he probably won’t put any effort into asking you out again.

Don’t flake on a date.

As hard as it is to believe, it takes courage for a guy to ask you out. Once you say yes, he thinks he’s out of the danger zone of rejection. Unless you have a really good reason (and I’m talking a medical or family emergency), do not cancel a date you’ve already agreed to. If it was your first date, chances are the guy won’t try to reschedule. If you’ve been out a few times before or have flaked on dates you’ve committed to before, he won’t take you seriously.

Take an interest in his interests.

Guys want to be around girls who they can share things the like with. If every time he brings up his favorite video game or his love for golf you roll your eyes, you’re going to exhaust him instead of excite him and will make him want to consciously uncouple from you. While you don’t have to memorize Rory McIlroy’s stats, Wikipedia the basics of the game so you can chime in on the conversation or find a video game you will both like to play. The girls and guys who game together, stay together.

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