The Most Sensitive Places You Should Be Kissing Your Guy

Want to know a secret to driving any guy crazy? Don’t go straight for the stick shift. Yes, that’s where he ultimately wants you, but guys love a little foreplay, too. Tease and make him beg for more by focusing on other sensitive places on his body to put your mouth.

Mouth sweet nothings in his ear. 

Kiss your way along his earlobe as you whisper exactly what you want to do to him and vice versa. Don’t be surprised if he’s ready to end foreplay immediately and act out what you’ve been saying.

Don’t forget the backs of his ears. 

It’s easy to get carried away with the outer edges of a man’s ears, but the back of his ears are highly sensitive. Trace your tongue where the ear meets his head and you’ll definitely hear him moan.

Make the back of his knees weak. 

The back of his knees might not seem like an erogenous zone, but the area is full of nerve endings that’ll make his junk jump with just a few light kisses.

Work his lower abs. 

The area between his navel and waistband is one big playground for your lips. Having you kissing lower and lower builds anticipation and makes him hungry for more.

Play close attention to his hips. 

For some guys, their hip bones are one of their more sensitive areas. Lick, kiss, and even nibble. It’s a good follow up to working his abs.

Tease his inner thighs. 

Really want to make him crazy for the main event? Lick and kiss your way up his inner thighs. Women are the only ones who love this torturous teasing.

Anywhere when his eyes are closed. 

If your guy’s up for it (which he’ll definitely be up when you’re done), blindfold him. Touch him with nothing but your lips. Anywhere you kiss will be more sensitive since he won’t know what’s coming next.

Start necking, literally. 

A RedBook Magazine survey found 29% of men considered their necks as their most sensitive area (the survey didn’t include the penis). When you’re busy kissing, work your way down to his neck. Just keep it gentle or you’ll end up giving him hickeys (great for high school, not great for work).

Kiss around his entire face. 

Feather light kisses around his face are sweet, yet they’re enough to get most guys in the mood. This is the one place to keep your kisses as innocent as possible and avoid any tongue. No one really wants their face licked.

Give his boys some extra love. 

The testicles aren’t the most attractive things on a guy, but they’re just as sensitive as his penis. Give them attention before a BJ or sex. It’s an instant turn on and guys love that you didn’t leave his jewels out.

Get him hard – his nipples, that is. 

A penis isn’t the only thing that gets hard on a guy. Just because his nipples are much smaller than yours doesn’t mean they’re not sensitive. In fact, the RedBook Magazine survey revealed it’s the number one sensitive area with 34%.

Make a trail down his spine. 

Trail your lips or tongue slowly down his spine and watch goosebumps rise up everywhere. Try this during a sensual massage and he’ll quickly think of other ways to burn off his tension and relax.

Play with his belly button. 

A quick kiss or lick in or around his belly button sends waves of pleasure straight down south. When a guy’s turned on, the nerves around his navel are extra sensitive and it’s a good way to say you’d love your own button (clitoris, for those who might not call it a button) licked.

Kiss the very tip and nothing more. 

You can’t leave his penis out of this. Whether it leads to oral sex or not, a breathy kiss just on the tip of his cock makes him breathless. Don’t be surprised if he can’t take anymore and rolls you into position. Leave this kiss for last or it might just be more than he can take.

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