13 Blunt Reasons You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone

13 Blunt Reasons You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone

There’s someone who’s always on your mind—and you’re messing up at work or struggling to sleep because they’re creeping into your dreams. While thinking about someone you have a crush on (or are simply intrigued by) is fun, it’s not cool if it’s becoming a problem for you or wrecking the rest of your life. Here are 13 blunt reasons you can’t stop thinking about this person so you can find a way to get them out of your mind 24/7. Come on, you’ve got other things to think about!

1. You’re legitimately in love.

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When you’re in love with someone, you can’t help but think about them all the time. You miss them like crazy when they’re not around. Just the thought of them makes you feel butterflies in your stomach or makes your heart leap like a frog in your chest. Ooh, you’ve got it bad!

2. You’re infatuated with them.

Maybe you’re not in love, but you’re certainly infatuated with this person. You’ve jumped into a whirlwind romance and the passion is addictive. When you’re not around them, you can’t help but think about them or feel the buzz of anticipation at the thought of hanging out with them again.

3. You’ve been single for way too long.

If you’re tired of being single and you meet someone interesting, you might find yourself wanting to think about them all the freaking time. Your mind is clinging to them because you want something to happen and perhaps you’re desperate to get into a relationship.

4. You’re in lust.

Your thoughts could be restricted to the physical attraction you feel. Maybe they’re so gorgeous, that you can’t help but dream about kissing them or hooking up with them. If you’re flirting with them via text, this might make it more difficult to stop drooling about them and focus on your life.

5. You find them refreshing.

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Someone who’s different from the type you usually like or who surprises you with their consistency (yup, you’ve dated some jerks) might make you feel like they’ve breathed some fresh air into your life. They make you do a double take when they’re so clear about what they want or they make you feel special (aww!). It’s intoxicating.

6. You’re getting mixed messages.

You might be thinking about the person so much because they’re giving you mixed messages. You’re spending so much time trying to figure out what they mean in their texts and emails, and it’s driving you crazy! You feel like an FBI agent hunting down a killer.

7. You don’t trust them.

Maybe you don’t trust the person at all because they’re inconsistent or they go AWOL on certain weekends, and it’s making you suspicious of their intentions. So, instead of thinking of them in a loving way, you’re using tons of mental energy to suss them out because you don’t want to be hurt again.

8. You’ve been rejected.

If you’ve been rejected by your crush or dumped by your partner, you might struggle to stop thinking about them. Maybe the breakup is still fresh in your mind and you’re trying to process your feelings of attraction or give yourself closure. It’s not ideal, but it happens.

9. You’re using them as a distraction.

If your life’s filled with problems, you might find them too stressful to deal with. So, you turn to thoughts of the person you’re interested in instead. This serves as a distraction so you don’t have to worry about real life and can remain in your daydreams instead.

10. You’re worried about them.

If the person you’re seeing or interested in has major issues, you might spend a lot of time worrying about them. Maybe you’re worrying that they’re going to relapse and take drugs again or you’re scared that they’re going to get back together with their ex who’s always lingering around them. It’s incredibly draining.

11. You’re trying to change them.

Maybe you’re not only worried about them but you want to change the person. For example, you might want to make it so that they’re no longer a commitment-phobe. Or, you want them to change their bad attitude so they treat you better. Again, this is exhausting and can leave you feeling unsatisfied.

12. You find them mysterious.

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You’ve met someone amazing but they’re so mysterious, you don’t know much about them. They give you one-word answers via text and don’t give you much info about their life. Instead of putting you off, this makes you obsessed with them because it’s fun to try to figure them out. Um, is it really?

13. You’re in love with a fantasy version of them.

Photo of a cute brunet with sunglasses, and her bearded friend, enjoying sunbathing by the sea/lake, in their swimming suits, drinking a freshly squeezed juice/cocktails, facing each other while enjoying conversation and laughter. Waiting for the rest to come

You might not be obsessed with the person you’re dating but instead have a fantasy idea of what they’re like (because you don’t know them well enough yet). You’re dreaming up the perfect partner, even though they’re probably not like that IRL. Yikes, this could set you up for major disappointment.

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