You Can Now Send A Chocolate D**k Straight To Someone’s Door

We’ve all been screwed over before in love, and it really sucks. While most of the time, it’s good to take the high road and just move on to something better, sometimes you’d really like to let your ex know what a total d**k they are. When that happens, D**k At Your Door is there to dispense the cold hard truth in the form of a giant chocolate penis.

d*ck at your doorD*ck At Your Door

It’s exactly what it sounds like. D**k At Your Door sends the recipient of your choice a big chocolate d**k in a decorative box that looks like something super nice/sweet before they actually open the box. Once they do, they’ll be greeted by a message telling them what a jerk they are. How good is that?

It’s totally anonymous. While you probably want the recipient to know exactly who this thing came from, the service is meant to be anonymous. That means if the person you’re sending it to has screwed over lots of people, they’ll have no idea who sent it to them.

It’s vegan and comes in several different “flavors,” so to speak. Whether or not your recipient is vegan, all of D*ck At Your Door’s offerings are. The boxes they come in can be themed for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions and they’re available in white or milk chocolate. Not that you’re concerned about your recipient’s chocolate preferences, most likely, but it’s nice to know it’s an option.

It doesn’t have to be sent to an enemy. While sending a giant chocolate d**k to someone’s door might seem like something you’d only do to an enemy, it could also be a positive thing. There are rainbow boxes for your LGBTQ+ friends, or you could simply send a lovely floral-boxed d**k to one of your girlfriends who’s a little sexually frustrated.

For less than $20 a pop, it’s a small price to pay for justice. Imagine the look on your recipient’s face when they open what looks to be a lovely gift only to find… a giant chocolate penis. That alone is worth the cost, don’t you think?

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