Woman With Two Vaginas Enjoys Successful OnlyFans Career And Says She’s Looking For A Second G-Spot

A woman who was born with two vaginas is not only enjoying a successful OnlyFans career but says she’s actually searching for a second G-spot. Evelyn, 31, has a condition known as uterus didelphys which means she has two completely separate reproductive systems and associated organs. While she used to struggle with her differences, these days she embraces it and has gone on to have children and enjoy a happy and healthy sex life.

Evelyn used to do sex work as a high-class escort. She says that during her time in the industry, she used her left vagina for customers and reserved the use of her right vagina for her personal life. The right one gave her easier orgasms, so this seemed a natural choice for her. “Sex work is work, you never feel good,” she told Insider.

She’s been exploring pleasure in the left vagina. She’s just starting to figure out how to feel good using her other vagina and says that experimenting in this way “is sort of like being a virgin again.” However, she’s yet to find a second G-spot yet. “I’ll keep looking,” she says.

Evelyn didn’t find out what was going on with her until her 20s. She was trying to get an abortion but the technician couldn’t find the embryo until they did… in another reproductive system. She knew something was different about her since sex always “felt really, really different each time” and tampons never worked for her, but it was good to finally have a proper diagnosis.

Most of her former sex work clients never even knew she had another vagina. “When a person locates one vagina they often don’t look to the right or left and notice a second,” she said in a Reddit AMA. She always guided her clients to the left one with her body or hands. However, one time a gynecologist client did notice her different anatomy and made things weird. “It became a bit like a medical exam. That was horrible,” she said.

It seems like Evelyn has really grown comfortable with her body. That’s amazing – and also amazing that she feels so comfortable sharing. There are probably a lot of people who feel a lot less alone because of it. You can follow Evelyn on OnlyFans here.

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