Mom Of 3 Cleared Of Wrongdoing For Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy Immediately Starts OnlyFans Account

A 32-year-old British woman who admitted initiating sex with a 14-year-old boy when she saw him playing soccer near her home in Gloucestershire has been cleared of wrongdoing by the court. Teah Vincent was found not guilty of knowingly having sex with an underage boy by a jury, who came to its decision after only an hour, The Sun reports.

Vincent has always maintained that she was unaware of the boy’s real age. While he was only 14 when the pair engaged in intercourse at Vincent’s home, her defense has always been that she believed the boy to be 16 years old, not 14. While the prosecution claimed that she definitely knew how young the teen was at the time, the jury sided with Vincent and acquitted her.

She immediately decided to start an OnlyFans account. On an Instagram post, Vincent posted a selfie with her middle finger up with a link to her OnlyFans page. She wrote: “I want to get my side out and that will be through this website.” She promised to post “lots” of content on the explicit account, so long as she gets enough subscribers.

Vincent thinks she has nothing to lose. After news broke of her affair with the young boy, Vincent received a barrage of online hate and death threats, which is why she now has no reservations about baring it all online. “People already hate me, so not much to lose,” she said.

She feels she has no other career options. Thanks to the court case and how public it became, OnlyFans is her only chance to make money to help support her three kids, Vincent believes. “This has wrecked my life. It’s also wrecked any chance I would have had of a career. I’m too embarrassed now to do anything,” she said. “I feel hot-headed and emotional. I just want to put all my energy now into my children and look after them.”

She won’t be getting into porn on her account. As Vincent revealed, while she plans to strip down a bit on her OnlyFans account, she won’t be doing anything too hardcore on the page.

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